Elephant Trekking Adventure at Pattaya, Thailand

Elephant Trekking Pattaya

For me, Thailand is all about Tom Yum soup, beautiful beach, and elephant. So that time, we went to Chang Thai Thappraya Adventure Park. It’s near the Pattaya Floating Market, but too bad I can’t find it in google map this time.

Here, you can do many outdoor activities, like buggy cart riding, ATV riding, elephant trekking, horse riding, and many more. But since we are in Pattaya, the best choice for us to do is the elephant trekking, isn’t it?

It worth 700 Baht for 30 minutes riding + photo taking session. BUT, there’s no way you don’t do the bargain here in Thailand. So just offer them the lowest price you can afford and see what you’ll get. It could be less than half of the written price, you know.

Elephant Trekking
Elephant Trekking

This is my very first time riding an elephant. I was a little bit nervous at first time because, you know, what if the elephant hate me and it lift me up with its trunk and drop me to the ground, and….

Forget it.

We both sat on the red chair, but on the half way through, our tour guide offer me to sit on the elephant neck. I was like : “Oh really? Can I?” And since the tour guide assured me that it’ll be just fine, I decided to take a try. It was much more exciting than sitting in the back, you know. I was like : “oh yes, I can feel you…”

Elephant Trekking Pattaya

But something ruined our short tour. Guess what? The elephant in front of ours poo!

I see what you did there…

Elephant Trekking

And…. we’re getting close…

You see that?

Elephant Trekking

Okay, back to the tour & forget about the poo, shall we?

Our tour guide can’t speak English fluently, but he’s really nice! He took sooo many photos of us. As many as what we wanted. But yeah, he asked for the tip at the end of our trip. So we gave him like 10 or 20 Baht.

Elephant Trekking Pattaya

But overall, the elephant trekking is great! I’d recommend it to anyone travelling to Thailand to give it a try 😀


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