York Hotel Singapore + Tips To Know Before You Go

Singapore Travel Guide

You know that one thing I love about Singapore? It’s that it is super friendly for tourists! Getting around is so easy, there are maps for local attractions, you won’t feel like a lost traveler, lol. That’s actually why Singapore is one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia. Oh, if by any chance, you’ve never been here before, there are some info about the country that we think is nice for you to know.

Here are some tips for Indonesian who wants to visit Singapore for the first time.

1. Understanding The Laws

Source: Tim Gage

Unlike in Indonesia, Singapore does have strict regulations in public areas which to us, Indonesian, might sound too much. As a traveler, we should as well be aware of the regulation and stick with it.

Not all rules are written. Singaporeans place a lot of importance on discipline when queuing in public areas, like when you’re hopping on and off the bus or queuing in the toilet. Things like that. While in Indonesia, hmm, not so much. Also, they are not used to litter everywhere and there’s a big amount of fines for that!

You also can’t spit or smoke in the public places. I think that’s why the public facilities in Singapore are always well maintained and that is why Singapore has a good reputation for being a safe and clean country.

Oh, one thing to note for smokers. For what I know, you can only bring 2 packs of cigarettes with you when arriving in Singapore. You might as well stick to that rules.

2. Halal Food

Chili Crab Singapore
When in Singapore, eat Chili Crab!

Yup, it’s true that Singapore is a multiracial and multicultural country. The majority of the populations are Chinese, Malays and Indian. But although the majority of Malays are Muslim, Muslim is just a small percentage of people in Singapore. That is why halal food is often hard to find. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find them. All you need is a pair of sharp eyes, lol.

One tip for my Muslim friends, you might want to check the HALAL logo on every supermarket products or at the front door of the restaurant. It’ll make food hunting easier. Also, we found that most Indonesian, Indian, and the Middle East restaurants serve halal food. Not to mention, the international franchise resto like KFC, McDonald’s, and so on. Those, I think, also serve halal food. Good luck!!

3. Transportation

Source: simon_sees


You know one thing I like the most about Singapore? It’s the public transportation! They are so good and reliable and comfortable! There are not that many cars in Singapore and hence, no traffic jam on Monday morning. People here would normally use MRT, LRT, or bus. Oh, if you need the MRT map, you can get if for free at the airport when you arrive in Singapore. Or you can also find it online.

Purchasing the MRT tickets is also very easy. Just like purchasing Transjakarta ticket. But you get to choose because they do have 3 smartcards on the market: EZ-card, Singapore Tourist Pass (STP), and the one-time ticket. I prefer EZ-card or STP because it’s just easier, you don’t have to buy it everytime you travel. And you can also use that for traveling by LRT and bus.

4. Accommodation

So another thing about Singapore is that there are a lot of hotel or hostel available that you can choose depending on your budget. If you are feeling fancy, York Hotel at Orchard Road might be one of your best choices. Not only that it is conveniently located at one of the most strategic streets in Singapore, but it is also equipped with amazing facilities. And also, you can get the room for a reasonable price.

There are some types of room to choose. Each room is equipped with a minibar, electric kettle, tv, a spacious bathroom with hairdryer. If you ever need any help, you can always call the front desk as they are providing a 24-hour service. They will help you in your tour planning or even provide a day care for your children. 

There are the gym, pool, restaurant, and cafe at The Coffee Bar. And the hotel is just 10 minutes away from Orchard Road where most Indonesian usually spend their time while in Singapore.

Oh, you can check the availability and book the room from Traveloka. You can also get the app from Play Store or App Store.

5. Tourist Destination


Visiting Singapore for the very first time won’t be complete without witnessing the icon of Singapore, Merlion!

Aside from the iconic statue, there are a lot of other tourist destinations in Singapore, like Pulau Ubin if you like to be in nature, Universal Studios, Esplanade, Singapore Flyer, and much more. The city won’t stop surprising you. There are just a lot more to explore.

And for Indonesian, Singapore is famous as a shopping destination. They like to go shopping in Orchard Road and also Bugis Street, Chinatown, Arab Street, and Little India. What’s your favorite shopping place?

So…… Are you ready to go to Singapore? Pack your things and let’s go!




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  1. Singapore is probably the most efficient city I have ever visited. I just never get enough, it is a city that is full of surprises!

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