Another Side of Singapore

We always thought that Singapore is just all about shopping and eating out. But when we started to look for another option, we found several really cool places that we never thought exists in Singapore! We certainly never knew that Singapore is famous for its park because we’ve never really explored its green side before.

This time on our one week trip to Singapore, we have another goal. It’s to be more active, meaning that we want to sit less, walk more, and enjoy our surroundings more than we enjoy stalking people on social media.

We thought it would be nice to explore more of Singapore’s garden or park because that’s kind of the luxurious we can’t do back in our hometown, Jambi. (It’s weird right?! Considering Jambi is more like a forest than Singapore is). We went to places we’ve never been before. We were surprised that Singapore really does live up to its reputation as a garden city! And here are some of our favorite.

1. Southern Ridges

We went to the Southern Ridges on our second day in Singapore. It was really surprising to find such a long walking trail with nice surroundings in Singapore. The Southern Ridges connects 5 natural parks in Singapore: Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Park, Hort Park, Kent Ridge Park, and also Labrador Nature Reserve (total 10km long!). We only made it to two of them, and we can’t wait for another trip there. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a Sunday outing activity but doesn’t feel like going to the shopping mall.

Expected Fee

Entrance fee is free. There are quite a few small stalls inside the Southern Ridges which sells snacks and drinks, so you might want to bring some cash, just in case.

2. Coney Island

This is our favorite place for now. It doesn’t feel like Singapore. It feels like another part of the world. There are tall trees, birds, and even wild boar inside!






It started to rain just after we made it to the entrance gate. We had no choice other than just go in because.. we’ve rent the bike! LOL. We waited for about half an hour at the first shelter and when the rain started to slow down a little bit, we decided to just start cycling. We ended up being soaked in rain but we were ridiculously happy! It’s like.. there’s something about being in the rain. It’s something about the weather, about the fog. It made everything feels magical to us. We could just forget about everything and let it flow. It’s very refreshing.

Getting There

Getting to Coney Island is a longggg way to go. We took an MRT down to Punggol and then we took Bus 84 from Exit C all the way to Punggol Road End. And there you go!

Expected Fee

Entrance fee is free. However, if you wish to rent a bike, you’re expected to pay for SGD 8 / hour. Go to Jomando or GoCycling. The last time we went, both of them offer the same price. We rent it at GoCycling for 2 hours and get one hour free (total 3 hours)!

3. Singapore Botanic Garden





I have been wanting to go here for quite sometime. But this trip here was totally random. So we were on the train about to go home. But the train service made a stop at Botanical Garden station. So I said to Fred : “Hey, wanna make a stop here?”. And Fred said : “Uhmm, yeah let’s go”. So we jumped off the train. It was an unexpected trip! The garden itself is huge. Inside, you can find Ginger Garden, Orchid Garden, and even rainforest. Don’t go at midday like we did, because it’s scorching hot.

Getting to Singapore Botanic Garden

MRT : Botanic Garden.
Then, we walked to the Botanic Garden which is very closed to the exit gate of the station!

Expected Fee 

Entrance fee is free. If you wish to buy souvenirs, food or drink, you can find some shops in the middle of the garden.

4. Gardens by the Bay


This is probably the most touristy “green” place in Singapore since it’s located just beside the famous Marina Bay area. We love how big the garden is and yet it is very well designed and maintained. The huge garden area are free to enter, but there are some attractions which will cost you a bit. We went to Cloud Forest, one of its conservatory site, and was really surprised to find some very rare flower and plants. It’s misty in there and somehow feels mysterious.

Getting to Gardens by the Bay 

MRT : stop at Bayfront station.
From Marina Bay Sands : head to the rooftop of the mall, and walk all the way to the garden. There are signs at the rooftop, you just have to follow it.

Expected Fee 

Gardens area : free
Flower Dome : SGD 14
Cloud Forest : SGD 14
OCBC Skyway : SGD 8


So yeah, that’s about it. Do you know any other place that we should go next time? Let us know! 🙂 

P.S:  we are planning to explore more of Singapore’s green side next time. Pulau Ubin, maybe? So there might be a chance that I’ll write more about this.

P.P.S: Fred and I decided to make a blog together. Head over to to read our stories! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Another Side of Singapore

    1. Ngakkkk hahaha, ketemu nya babi hutan di Coney Island, trs gw nya takut dianya jg takut haha. Hihi kapan2 cobain deh! Asik hiking nya ga capek soalnya jln nya mulus 😛 Iyaaaa, kapan2 gw pingin coba Ubin ahhh.

  1. Hi Sharon…senang sekali mengikuti update blog kamu…memang benar sekali kata kamu kebanyakan orang yang datang ke Singapura hanya fokus ke Sentosa Island, Orchard, Bug is. ..tetapi sebenarnya banyak lagi tempat2 yang menarik di Singapura…dan saya sendiri jika punya waktu on weekend…saya suka terokai ke kawasan semulajadi di sini…kemudian akan sharing di fanpage saya di

  2. I will always argue people who say that Singapore is just skyscrapers and shopping malls, hahaha. From the beginning, I knew that Singapore has “City in A Garden” as its branding. Beside the popular Botanic Gardens, I suggest you to go to the Chinese Gardens. It is a fusion between large parks, river, and temples. Kindly check my blog if you’d like to read my review about it 🙂
    But I envy you, you made your way to the Henderson Waves :(. Ah, 3 times to Singapore, I always missed the chance. Hope I’ll get the visit on my next chance!

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