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Finding a nice coffee shop that suits you is a struggle, especially if you’re new in town, like me. Early on my second day in Metro Manila, Philippines, I had to find somewhere to work from. Often times, we found those nice comfy coffee shops with great coffee and food but then later we found that it doesn’t provide WIFI (why?!?!). That’s sad. Then we have to find another one – and it’s a hard job, especially if you know nothing about the city and if transportation is your main problem, like here in Metro Manila.

For us, a place to work from doesn’t necessarily have to be a coffee shop, but still we prefer one. It just need to have a pretty fast and stable wifi, a comfortable seat, and a comfortable ambiance. That’s all really. Oh, plus good food.

Coffee shop in Manila

So I came across some local blogs here that listed some of the best coffee shops in Metro Manila for working, and wow, Local Edition seemed to appear in several blogs. It must be really good that a lot of people blogs about it, I thought. Besides, the review on Foursquare and Zomato seems promising. (FYI : I use Foursquare and Zomato a lot when traveling).

So here we went.

Coffee shop in Makati, Metro Manila

Local Edition, Makati Manila


cafe in manila

I like that this place is dominated with white color and some wood combination. There are also some photographs and those taken with Instax pinned on the wall. The space itself is not huge, but it’s enough to accommodate 20 – 30 people at once, I think.

We arrived early in the morning and it’s still very quiet, a very nice place to work. It gets busier and busier during lunch time and also coffee break. But, we still don’t mind a little noise. They do have outdoor seating too.


Local Edition, Makati Manila

I didn’t get to try their lunch menu, only their drink. But they were all good.

Coffee shop in Makati, Metro Manila
Hot Latte (PHP 135)
Coffee shop in Makati, Metro Manila
Cocomo (PHP 155)

As much as I love their latte, I’m much more hooked with their Cocomo. It’s a beverage made from black oolong tea, with a shot of espresso. It has this espresso taste and aroma, but it also got this bitter strong aroma from the tea. It might look ugly, but you’ve got to try this.

Honey Milk Tea (PHP 145)

We also got to try their Honey Milk Tea, which happened to be another favorite of mine. It’s really light, refreshing and vibrant. There’s this hint of lemon taste in it, but I’m not sure. Might be from other citrus, or it comes from the tea itself. Also, it doesn’t taste at all like the thick taiwanese boba milk tea. It’s very very light, almost like a lemon-tea-light kind of light.

Wifi here is generally fast and stable, we got no problem at all using it. I did have a bit of trouble connecting to it when the cafe is fully packed, after lunch break, but after 5 minutes of trying, I’m connected again and got no problem at all ever since.

cafe in manila

I had a great pleasant time working in Local Edition. You might wanna add it to your list when you visit Manila!

P.S : it’s a rare occasion when I blog about the place just a day or two after I visit it. It shows how much I love this place.


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  1. Wow! The place looks lovely! And the outdoor seating seems interesting as well especially on a not-so-hot weather (Nov – Dec). Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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