Yellow Truck, Bandung

Yellow Truck Bandung

There’s always room (and time) for coffee with a friend. So it was Sunday morning, and I was about to pack all my things and move all the way to Jakarta. I woke up early to pick Fred up at the train station as he offered a help (and who can refuse anyway?). Actually, I was planning to wake up earlier so I could have my breakfast at home, but, you know… I failed miserably.

So, anyway, on our way home, I was like : “Hey wanna grab a cup of coffee? I haven’t had mine this morning”. And I remembered weeks ago, my friend Augi told me about this new place of Yellow Truck Coffee. Just so you know, Yellow Truck used to have this very small and not-so-comfortable place. But now look what it got!

Yellow Truck Bandung

Yellow Truck Bandung

Yellow Truck Bandung

Yellow Truck Coffee

Yellow Truck Bandung

Yellow Truck Bandung

Breakfast could never go wrong with nice coffee and a piece of cake, right?

Ontbijtkoek (IDR 18k)

Yellow Truck Bandung

This classic Ontbijtkoek has always been my favorite! It’s Dutch – Belgian classic spiced cake, with almond on top. Best served with butter spread, but since I didn’t get any, I just eat it that way. This one is slightly to sweet for me, though. And it would be even better if they put some more cinnamon in it, as I’m a big fans of cinnamon. But the best thing is, it was served warm!

And of course… a cup of coffee. This was the reason why we even bothered stopping by, remember?

Yellow Truck Bandung
Hot Cappuccino (IDR 18k)

We did order fettuccine alfredo but it was just too salty for my tastebuds. Think I’ll just stick to the cake. It looks good, though!

Yellow Truck Bandung
Fettuccine Alfredo


Anyway, this was apparently my last breakfast before leaving Bandung. And I’m missing it already. Yellow Truck just won my heart for its unique comfortable interior and its decent affordable coffees.


Yellow Truck Bandung
Jl. Linggawastu 11, Bandung
Opening hours : 9am – 11pm
Instagram : @yellowtruckcoffee
Facebook : Yellow Truck Coffee

email :


3 Komentar

  1. fasyaulia berkata:

    Tempat yang baru lebih nyaman ya… dulu yang di padjajaran tempatnya kecil mungil, belum nyoba yang ini.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Iya nyaman banget 🙂 Yang dulu kalo hujan udah bubar ya hihihi

  2. Wiky Eko Jusmar berkata:

    dan sekarang gw gawe disni, seperti itu 🙂

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