Dapur Dahapati Bandung

Dapur Dahapati

If you’ve been living in Bandung for quite sometime, I’m sure you need no more introduction about this place. It’s Dapur Dahapati, everyone!  You might already know, but in case you haven’t, this place is known to be the one serving the best oxtail soup in Bandung. I actually have no other places to compare with, so let’s just say it’s indeed the best, for now, though I found a lack of consistency in their cooking process.

Dapur Dahapati

Well, this place doesn’t have much variation in foods. The oxtail soup is the main food here. But they do serve another kind of food like fried chicken and gado-gado, but that’s all.

And oh! You might wanna know that this place is always packed up during lunch and dinner time! And they do have a very small parking area, so you might wanna come early if you found getting in and out a tight parking space is such a struggle.

Dapur Dahapati Bandung
Sop Buntut Goreng / Fried-Oxtail Soup (IDR 63k)


Now, about the food.

I did try their original oxtail soup and their fried oxtail soup, but I fell for the fried one! AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE. #CAPSLOCK #bold

The beef tails were very well seasoned and they come in a big size, like you can share it for two, I guess. They use a lot of sweet soy sauce, which I love, and also onions. The rich soup was served in a separate bowl.

Dapur Dahapati
Fried Oxtail

Sop Buntut Dahapati

Dahapati Bandung

Too bad that they overcooked the oxtail on my second visit that it became harder to chew. Don’t get me wrong, but I think consistency is the only problem here. Well, a pretty serious one.

Dapur Dahapati
Jl. Cipaganti no. 146, Bandung 40131, Indonesia
Facebook : Dapur Dahapati

email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com

10 Komentar

    1. Hahaha wahh lama juga ya udah 7 tahun! Aku juga tau nya dari temen sih. Hehe. Iyaaa agak ketutup gitu ga ada papan nama yang keliatan banget. Ini persis di seberang pom bensin cipaganti hihi

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  2. Kalau ada orang yang harus bertanggung jawab atas rasa rindu saya akan Bandung (dan sop buntut Dahapati-nya), itu adalah Anda. Habis ujan, nyeruput kuah sop buntut ini pasti enak… Nice recommendation!

  3. sabtu besok itu mau ke bandung, dan aku udh catet beberapa tmpat kuliner di sana, termasuk dapur dahapati ini :D.. bnyk yg bilang memang enak, makanya spertinya hrs dicoba ;).. moga2 beneran enak ;D

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