Fukuzushi, Bandung

Ramen Fukuzushi Bandung

If there’s one particular food that I keep craving for, that would be Japanese Food – no need to think twice. So right after coming back home to Bandung after my short trip to Bali early this month (will write more about it later!), I went to Fukuzushi with @nakamajem, just for the sake of fulfilling my cravings.

Fukuzushi Bandung

Fukuzushi Bandung

It was 4 pm and I hadn’t had anything for lunch yet so I was starving to death. We ended up eating SO MUCH that at the end, no one could even finished what we ordered. So we had some of the leftovers taken away.

There are 2 branches of Fukuzushi here in Bandung : one in PVJ and the other one at Jalan Bahureksa. I went to the one at Jalan Bahureksa since I heard it’s a lot bigger there. And it’s true! It has this spacious dining area and there’s even a private room at the back side of the restaurant.

Fukuzushi Bandung

Fukuzushi Bandung

Fukuzushi Bahureksa Bandung

Japanese Restaurant Bandung

To start with, we had some Gyoza and Sashimi. Itadakimasu!

Gyoza (IDR 22k)

Fukuzushi Bandung

Gyoza Bandung

A nice starter we have here! This one is pan-fried Gyoza filled with ground chicken and veggies. It has this thin crispy coat and a super soft and juicy fillings. I like to eat it with the dipping sauce made from soy sauce and vinegar. But sometimes I like to add a lil bit of rayu (chili oil) as well. Yum!

Reguler Sashimi (IDR 98k)

Sashimi Bandung

What could be better than a boat of fresh Sashimi? There are Maguro, Salmon, and Salmon Belly here. And believe me when I say it’s fresh because it is! I’m usually quite picky on the things I eat, trust me.

Fukuzushi Food Review

Gulping down a piece of fresh raw fish is one of life’s great joys. Who’s with me?

Sunset Mentai (IDR 68k)

Sushi Mentai Fukuzushi Bandung

Sushi Bandung

Then of course some sushi. I’ve got to tell you this : the mentai sauce here at Fukuzushi is OFF THE CHAIN! I mean, you’ve got to try these out. This one has shrimp, salmon, and kyuri. Then they drizzle some mentai sauce on top of the salmon. Oishii!

Volcano (IDR 55k)

Sushi Bandung

This one is also my favorite here at Fukuzushi. It’s actually a tuna roll, with avocado and mozarella. Then wrapped with seaweed and fried. Then it’s served with spicy mayo and this so called volcano sauce. THE BEST!

Moza Rice (IDR 34k)

Moza Rice Fukuzushi Bandung

This moza rice tasted just okay to me. Nothing really impressive. I mean, the butter rice doesn’t smells like butter. And it just doesn’t work with the mozzarella cheese. It didn’t dance in my mouth. I feel like the rice was a bit too dry? Like it lacks of sauce so it doesn’t blend well with the mozzarella cheese.

But don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy every scoop of it. But if there are many other things to choose other than this one, I’d choose anything but this.

House Special Ramen (38k)

Ramen Fukuzushi Bandung

Ramen Fukuzushi Bandung

This one is surprisingly nice! Aside from the noodle itself, we got Grilled Chicken, gyoza, bean sprouts and tamago. I really like the broth. It’s slightly thick and very flavorful. And they use chicken only (no pork) so it’s not oily at all. I would be even better if they use a soft half-boiled egg instead.

And oh! All the noodles here are home made. As well as the broth. It took SO LONG to cook. And they claim that they use no MSG at all. Yay!

Ice Cream Mochi (IDR 21k)

Mochi Ice Cream Bandung

Time for dessert!! These are mochi ice cream, which is one of the most popular dessert served in some Japanese restaurants. There are so many flavors to choose from but we picked the Tiramisu and Mango Berry flavor. Think we made the right choice 😉

Fukuzushi Bandung

Generally, the food here was good. Good range of choices and price. I must admit that I’m somehow hooked with the Volcano sushi (and the salmon sashimi!). And that those two will be my must-order thing here at Fukuzushi.

Been here before? What’s your favorite dish? I would love to know what you guys tried and how you feel about it as I’d like to try em all myself next time! 


Jalan Bahureksa, Bandung
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  1. meidianakusuma berkata:

    kaaliaaan berdua makaan sebanyaaaakk ituuu? *ngumpet sebelum keliatan mijaa*

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA parah ya parahhhh

  2. dsapoetra berkata:

    Buset ron…….. Berdua makan segitu…….

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Maaf kawwww. Kami khilaf.

  3. Dita berkata:

    Moza rice-nya bikin ngileeeer

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hihihi mampiiiir ayok 😉

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