YEAR END CELEBRATION : Wine Dinner Sheraton Bandung

Wine Dinner Bandung

So, it’s half way to the end of the year. It’s the perfect time to look back and see how we all have passed the year. Am I still on track? Or I’m just getting worse than last year? But either way, we all deserve a little celebration, just for ourselves. Cause we all know how hard we’ve tried and how hard we have struggled to be what we are today.

So I guess, Wine Dinner would be a perfect way to end the year, no?

With so many places I’ve been throughout the year, my Wine Dinner took place at, again, Sheraton Bandung

Wine Dinner Sheraton Bandung

Wine Dinner Sheraton Bandung

It was the first Wine Dinner Sheraton has ever held. And it was also my first one as well! Haven’t I told you that the food from Sheraton Bandung is getting more and more improved as the new Chef joined the group? I think I did explain a bit about it on my previous post.

So… shall we?

To start with, we had this Nederburg Cuvee Brut, and also Oyster as the appetizer. Salute! 

Wine Dinner Sheraton Bandung

Wine Dinner Sheraton Bandung

It was a refreshing sparkling wine with a delicate fruity flavor. What I like about this wine is that it has a lasting sweet aftertaste.


with Bloody Mary and Tobiko
Wine : Nederburg Cuvee Brut

Dinner Sheraton Bandung

Dinner Sheraton Bandung

To be honest, I was sort of confused of how to eat this thing. The Bloody Mary mix was served in a pipette. I was not sure if I should drop it over to the oyster, or just drop it into my mouth right away. So when the oyster arrived at my table, I silently looked at my dining companion, hoping he’d know how to eat them. But I think he didn’t and he just acted cool, so I eyed the others at the table beside us and tried to sort of imitate them. Sorry mom and dad, I’ve failed you. 

It’s kinda hard to explain how it tasted like. It’s wet… and cold. And it’s salty, buttery, chewy, gooey, and a tad bit fishy. Not the kind of food I’m familiar with.

Glad that I still have this!

Nederburg Wine


with Foie Gras and Carrots
Wine : Nederburg WM Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Dinner Sheraton

Next was Scallops with Foie Gras, carrot puree, carrots, and edible flower. Although this also made my first time eating Foie Gras, this dish happened to be my favorites. The Foie Gras was really good! It’s juicy, smooth, and also sort of, fluffy? I don’t know. And it melts in your mouth right away. The buttery carrot puree added a nice play of the flavor. They made my palate burst in excitement!

Wine Dinner Bandung

This dish is paired with Nederburg WM Sauvignon Blanc wine, which has this light citrus fruity flavor.


with Beetroot, Capers, and Onion
Wine : Nederburg Pinotage

Fine Dining Bandung
Next was pan seared salmon fillet with Beetroot sauce on the bottom, capers, and onion sauce. The salty flavor comes from the Capers, which I don’t really like. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice dish! But it was just not as impressive as the other.

You see that pink flowers? It’s edible!

Nederburg Wine

As for the wine, we had this Nederburg Pinotage. It has this intense dark red color. My palate was full of rich tangy ripen berry flavors. Unlike the white wine we had earlier, this one finished smooth, not dry.


with Rocket, Morel, and Baby Vegetables
Wine : Nederburg Manor House Cab Sauvignon

Fine Dining Sheraton Bandung

A super tender and juicy meat with mushroom sauce and vegetables on the side. The beef was cooked to a perfection, at least to my taste buds. I think the cooking level is medium. It was paired with Nederburg Manor House Cab Sauvignon wine which has this strong flavor of blackcurrant and blackberry. Finished dry on my palate. A perfect pairing.

Wine Dinner Bandung



with Meringue, Pear, and Vanilla
Wine : Amarula Cream Liq

Chocolate Pie Sheraton Bandung

My favorite part of the dinner was this Chocolate Pie. It was served with Meringue, Pear, And Vanilla. What makes it so uniquely addictive is that they put some amount of chili in the chocolate, so it’s a tad bit spicy. When you combine it with the sweet vanilla cream… you’ll lost your words just as I did.

So, everyone had a great time? Think so!

Dunia Kuliner Bandung
Ranie and Victor
Andrew Handisurya Sharon Loh
Andrew and Me
Food Journal BDG
Dika the Light Bulb Man
Victor Hamdani
I’m pretty sure he was tipsy

Generally, the food here was amazing. I had a new experience of how to drink wine properly, and how to combine it with our food. Some might not be familiar with my taste buds but still I enjoyed the night as much as the other guests did. Drinking makes us happier. Like, a lot happier.

Now, let us cheers for the amazing 2014! And for a better 2015!

Dinner Sheraton Bandung


Anyway, all wine are from Nederburg, South Africa.

Wine Dinner at Feast Restaurant at Sheraton Bandung Hotel and Towers
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 390 Bandung
Facebook : Sheraton Bandung Hotel and Towers
Twitter : @SheratonBDG
Instagram : @sheratonbandung
Website : Sheraton Bandung
Price :
Adult : IDR 598,000 ++ per person


email :

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  1. Kwetiaw berkata:

    World Class banget nih…Happy Early New Year Sharon….Blog nya keren… Tetap ngeblog ya….Salam Kenal

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Ah ngak kok :))

      Wahhhh terima kasih! Thanks udah baca ya hehe. Salam kenal juga.
      And happy early new year to you!!

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