Making Cocktail at Spanky’s!

Tiramius Cocktail

There is always something exciting about going out for lunch meeting new friends, especially when you got to meet some new blogger friends you already knew from a long time ago on Instagram but yet never got a chance to meet them. Oh yeah, social media rocks! 

That’s what I felt last weekend when I got to attend Zomato meetup where we, Indonesian food bloggers, learned how to make cocktail and martini at Spanky’s Ribs and Martini, Kemang Jakarta.

It was Sunday and I went all the way from Bandung to Spanky’s at Jakarta just for the meetup. As you can guess from the name of the restaurant, Ribs and Martini are their specialties.

Finding Spanky’s was quite easy! It’s located just at the street side at Kemang Raya street. I was in love from the moment I came in. This place makes you feel like you’re in an American retro bar.

Spanky's Kemang

Spanky's Kemang

Spanky's Kemang

Spanky's Kemang

Spanky's Kemang

Spanky's Kemang

Just exactly at mid day, we all sat around the bar to learn how to make a good cocktail, mocktail and martini. It was before lunch time and I was starving to death!

Spanky's Ribs

Spanky's Ribs and Martini

The Hungry Doctor
Verdi from
Eddy Eshtravaganza
Eddy from
Sharon Loh
Sharon Loh from here!
Sharon Loh
Me making Tequila Sunrise’

I also met Shelmi from, Cindy & June from, Shabrina from and the other foodies friends!

Lychee Martini – IDR 95k

The first drink one of us made was Lychee Martini. This one is very refreshing and sweet! The lychee really gives it a beautiful taste. Worthy of every sip.

Lychee Martini

Bitter Tiramisu Martini – IDR 110k

Tiramius Cocktail

Unlike any other, this one tasted like a dessert. It’s made of Coffee Liqueur, Campari Bitter, White Rum, and Baileys Tiramisu. And look at those sprinkles!

Virgin Mojito – IDR 45k

Since not all of us drink alcohol, we also got a chance to make Virgin Mojito!

Spanky's Kemang

Spanky's Kemang

Spanky's Kemang

Flaming Cocktail – IDR 100k

Flaming Cocktail

This one is a flaming cocktail which I forgot what it was named after. It’s a 3 layers of drink. Although combining fire with alcohol can be dangerous, you must drink this while it’s burning on top! Using a straw of course, or else you’ll burn your mouth.

Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers – IDR 69k

Jalapeno Stuffed Peppers

These are not for those who’s mild at heart! It’s jalapeno stuffed with creamy cheesy mixture and wrapped with crispy bacon. The combination of bacon and cream cheese was lovely. But I can’t stand the spiciness from the jalapeno.

Maple Miso Glazed Salmon – IDR 119k

Maple Miso Glazed Salmon

This one is my favorite dish! The salmon was perfectly cooked with miso soup and then grilled until justtttt right. Very soft and tender. It’s served with ginger baby bokcoy and shitake mushroom at the bottom. And not to forget, the maple sauce.

Spanky Me! Sandwich – IDR 79k

Pulled Pork

Spanky me! Sandwich is basically Hawaiian Kalua pulled pork served with BBQ sauce (in a separate bowl) and also potato wedges. For those who don’t eat pork, you can ask for pulled chicken instead.

This one is very salty for me and dry. Some might like it but it just doesn’t work for my taste bud.

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly – IDR 90k

Crispy Pork Belly

Pork Belly could never go wrong! This one was everyone’s favorite. It served with a very delicious mashed potatoes, rosemary mushrooms, and caramelized apple cabbage (ew!). The apple cabbage was way too salty and sour for me, but I do LOVE the mushroom. This meal got me hooked immediately!

Key Lime Pie – IDR 55k

Key Lime Pie

As for the dessert, we had Key Lime Pie! Key Lime Pie is actually one of my favorite desserts but this one is too sour! And the crust was not baked enough (need a few more minutes in the oven!). It would be perfect if they reduce the using of the lime and bake it a lil bit longer, though.

Sharon Loh

Fredric Sanjaya

Sharon Loh

I was quite confused why they don’t serve the ribs for us since I thought… it’s their specialties. But, anyway, I had a great lunch time with Foodies Friends at Spanky’s Ribs and Martini. Thanks to Zomato who made this meet up happen! I met a lot of new friends!

Spanky’s Ribs and Martini
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 24A, Kemang, Jakarta
Facebook : Spanky’s Ribs and Martini

Opening Hours 
Monday – Thursday : 10:00 – 23:00
Friday – Sunday        : 10:00 – 24:00

For Reservations :  +6221 718 2876

Location :


email :

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