My Favorite Breakfast Spots in Bali

Cafe Moka Croissant

So, what’s for breakfast today?

This question always happens to cross my mind first thing in the morning.

You know, morning has always been my favorite time of the day. It’s the time, the only time, when I can sit all alone, sipping my coffee while listening to the bird chirping, and thinking about everything – about life and future, mostly.

Morning is the time when I know there’s still another day. There’s still another chance. It gives me the time to think. It gives me hope. That’s why I love morning.

What's For Breakfast

And being the part of it, breakfast has always been my favorite morning routines ever since. But for me, finding good breakfast is not as easy as finding good dinner. It’s a lil bit tricky, since not all restaurant serves breakfast, regardless the good one.

Speaking about breakfast, Fred & I did have our breakfast routines outside every weekend during our 2 months internship in Bali last summer. Of course we didn’t get to visit all breakfast spot since 2 months is obviously too short for that. And I know there must be a lot of restaurant out there which serves the even better breakfast than we found.

But here’s my top 6 favorite breakfast spot in Bali. It’s just a personal breakfast taste of mine. And I’d love to hear yours! Is yours on the list?

The Porch (5/5)

We stumbled across this place when we were searching for a cafe which serves breakfast in TripAdvisor. Quite obviously, it seems that everyone recommends The Porch. I couldn’t even found a bad comment about The Porch back then. So we decided to try our luck.

The Porch Cafe BaliThis place is quite small actually, and woody, and sweet. It got a veranda and a small outdoor area for those who prefer the outdoor seats, like us. And it also provide indoor seats with comfortable sofas and air-con. Lots of delicious Aussie meals is here! There are homemade pies, burgers, dory fish fillets, sandwiches, and many more.

Breakfast at The Porch BaliAnd the coffee here is also surprisingly VERY GOOD! Some even say it’s the best you can find in Sanur. I had Flat White while Fred had Bali Coffee, a compliment from the breakfast menu set he ordered.

Flat White at Porch Cafe Jezza Recovery Breakfast Porch Cafe Cinnamon Toast Porch Cafe

I have no idea why they tasted surprisingly… amazing. It’s like, we didn’t even expect it to be that good. I even thought the reviews I found in TripAdvisor were just a bluff. But then I was completely wrong.

Anyway, the cinnamon toast was not too crunchy but indeed it smells and tasted so good. They didn’t put too much cinnamon. And it fits me perfectly. The sandwich is very savory. The eggs were perfectly cooked. And the lady serving us was so kind and friendly. Pancakes were so fluffy! And I love the mapple syrup they gave us.

Porch Cafe Porch Cafe SanurI’m sure you will love it here just as we do. It’s on the first of our list!  🙂

Jalan Danau Tamblingan 110, Sanur
Phone: +62 361 281 682

Jezza Recovery Breakfast 68
Cinnamon Toast 35
Porch Pancakes 40
Flat White 27

Cafe Moka (4.5/5)

Different from my other favorite’s breakfast spot which are quite popular among tourist, Cafe Moka is actually popular among both tourists and locals. Cafe Moka currently has around 5 branches in all over the island of gods. The most popular one is the one in Seminyak. But the one I visited to was in Uluwatu.

My favorite here? Croissant and baguettes! I mean, they are perfect.

Cafe Moka Croissant

The baguettes we had was actually a compliment of the English Breakfast set. But of course, you can buy it separately. It’s even worth a takeaway if you’re short of time!

Cafe Moka Baguette
Cafe Moka Coffee
Bali Coffee
Bacon and Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up & Bacons

Bacons were good. Sunny side up was okay. Bali coffee is too sour for me. I like my cafe latte better. But nothing can beat The Porch’s Flat White. Not yet.

Cafe Moka Latte
Cafe Latte

The other thing we had is… Cinnamon Roll! To be honest, I love cinnamon. I like how it smells. But cinnamon roll is just not my favorite this time. Nothing special about it.

Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll

Anyway, if you’re planning to check out what the hype is all about, visit their Seminyak branch instead since the one in Uluwatu is not too comfy. The air-con doesn’t seem to work really well.
It’s everywhere!

Bread Basket (4/5)

There’s always a place where you found yourself keep coming back to. Mine was Bread Basket. A small bakery in Sanur I found during my first week in Bali. The only reason I hooked into Bread Basket a lot was that it serves great breakfast! And it’s quite near from where I live. So.. that makes us best friend.

Bread Basket Menu Bread Basket Bali Once you enter the store, you’ll be welcomed with the comfy sofas, the bread counter, and the lovely staff. I mean it. They are indeed lovely, friendly, and nice to children (and adults). You’ll be greet with a cloudless “Good Morning!” or “Pagi!” and… I don’t know. It somehow boosts up my mood a lil bit.

Bread Basket InteriorYou see the table above? It was made from an old traditional sewing machine. And you see those small room divider? They were made of used bike wheels! Just so you know ;)

Bread Basket Interior
Bread Basket Sanur Interior
The fake breads and beans
Bread Basket Counter
The Counter

The Food

nd here comes the best part. Yup, the foods! Fred’s favorite is and always will be Long Black Coffee and English Breakfast Set which consists of sunny side up eggs, saute mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, sausages, and toasts.

Long Black Bread Basket Sanur
Long Black
English Breakfast at Bread Basket Sanur
English Breakfast

While my favorite are their warm croissants, pretzels, and Flat White.

Pretzel Bread Basket Sanur
Croissant Bread Basket
Plain Croissant
Flat White Bread Basket
Flat White

I once tried their whole grain bread but it tasted bad for me. And it got a coarse texture too. So… good bye whole grain bread. Anyway, they also sell homemade jams here.

Bread Basket Jam

Bread Basket SanurWe do personally love everything about Basket Bread! The foods, the place, the coffee (although I like The Porch’s Coffee better. The coffee they serve was stronger), the music (they play old love songs!), the people, everything!

Bread Basket SanurThis place is where we’ve been having our Saturday morning breakfast during our stay in Bali. And I feel bad that I can’t visit Bread Basket any longer since I’m coming home to Bandung next week. Till we meet again, Bread Basket! My heart belongs to your pretzel.


Go early on 8 or 9 am as they bake the breads early in the morning everyday and you’ll find fresh breads at the counter! Oh! And they’re not open for business on Sunday. We made our mistakes TWICE I can’t believe it, so please learn from our mistakes. If you decided to go for croissant or any other pastries, you can get your croissant microwaved.

Long Black 24
Flat White 24
Plain Croissant 8.5
Pretzel 11
English Breakfast Set 32

Jl Danau Tamblingan 51, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Seniman Coffee Studio (4/5)

Different from any other coffee shop I’ve visited in Bali, Seniman Coffee Studio is located a lil bit out of town. In Ubud, to be exact.

If you’ve heard people talking about Ubud, it must be something about the spa, the yoga, the meditation, the art, the rice paddle, I don’t know… And people who are looking for inner peace, let’s say, will probably stay in Ubud for like 3 days or a week, just to get the feel of the place and relax a little bit and forget about all the works & problems they’ve been through.

But hey, I’m only 21 & I got no bill to pay, so.. I’m not going to meditate for 4 hours or get a massage for 2 hours because I’m as fit as a lion, so… what I did is just eat, chill out, relax, eat, hang out, eat, and take the picture.

We arrive early at 9 am that morning and decided to have our second breakfast that day. (We had porridge with boiled eggs earlier that morning). We look for a breakfast spot in Foursquare and we found this place named Seniman Coffee Studio which is quite interesting. So, here’s the sneak peak.

Rule #1. You’ve got to leave your shoes outside the coffee shop or you need to sit at the outdoor tables instead – the outdoor seats are quite comfortable, though.

Seniman Coffee StudioBut we prefer the indoor one. It was comfy, and what’s even more unique is that you will find yourself sitting in a rocking chair in front of the coffee bar! How great is that?

Seniman Coffee Studio
The Coffee Bar

Seniman Coffee Studio Card Seniman Coffee Studio CardI had crepes pancake with homemade fruit jams & Fred had Fat Tucker – similar to English Breakfast Set, I guess. We also shared a cup of Sumatra Gayo Coffee brewed using siphon coffee maker.

Crepe Pancake at Seniman Coffee Studio
Crepe Pancake
Sumatra Gayo Coffee
Sumatra Gayo Coffee
Fat Tucker
Fat Tucker

The place itself was sooo clean, homey and well-designed. And as for the taste of the coffee itself (we pick Sumatra Gayo coffee), it was kinda different from what I usually had actually. (I usually had regular coffees or starbucks’ lattes & cappuccino). But we pretty much enjoy watching how the barista brew the coffee using this siphon coffee maker. I even recorded a video of it!

Siphon Coffee Maker
Siphon Coffee Maker

Anyway, there is also a showcase store below the cafe – where the cashier is located. And I personally loveee how they decorated that small room.

Seniman Coffee Studio Showcase Store
The Store

Psst… They say, Seniman Coffee Studio serves the best coffee in Ubud!

Jalan sriwedari, Ubud, Bali 80561, Indonesia
+62 361 972085

Deus Ex Machina (3/5)

Deus Ex Machina is somehow different from the other breakfast spot I mention. It’s kinda hard to describe what this place actually is. It’s kind of a store but it is much more than that, a restaurant, a cafe, an art gallery, a surfer paradise, I don’t know… but all of them makes such a perfect combination. Later I found out that Deux Ex Machina has some branches in Australia (their main store), America, Italy, and Bali, Indonesia – the one we visited. I also found out that there are actually 2 branches available in Bali. The one in Canggu which we visited, and one in Seminyak – a slightly smaller one.

Deus Ex Machina Bali

We found Deus Ex Machina accidentally by following the path given on the back side of Deus’ sponsored card. It looks a lot like a postcard, don’t you think?

Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina ‘Postcard’

Deus cafe serves a wide range of Asian and Western meal, although we were only up for a cup of coffee. I mean two cups. The price for that great quality of coffee are very reasonable, around 20k Rupiah.

Deus Ex Machina Long Black
Long Black

P.S : Check out my complete story about the interesting Deus Ex Machina here!

Deus Ex Machina, Bali

Jalan Batu Mejan 8, Canggu
Telephone : (0361) 368 3385
Website    :

Luhtu Coffee Shop (2.5/5)

The other coffee shop we tried is Luhtu Coffee Shop. The coffee shop itself is located just beside Sindhu Beach in Sanur. It was like 30 minutes walk from our hotel.

Bali Paradise

Luhtu's Coffee Shop DoorAfter walking for about  30 minutes with our not-working GPS (that I thought we get lost), we finally found Luthu’s Coffee Shop! It has an indoor & outdoor seat. The outdoor was located on the beach. And it got a nice ocean view. But since the sun shone a little bit too strong that morning, we preferred the indoor one.

Luthu's Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake
Luhtu's English Breakfast Set
English Breakfast Set
Luhtu's English Breakfast Set
English Breakfast Set Luhtu's Cappucinno Breakfast at Luhtu's Coffee Shop

I have no idea why the cappuccino tastes soooo great. I mean it! It was like, one of the best cappuccino I’ve ever tasted! Thanks to TripAdvisor and the reviewers.

But yeah, the English Breakfast Set was not as good as the one we had in Bread Basket. Oh, and I had my first carrot cake here. It tastes great. But it’s just not suitable for my breakfast taste. But I’m sure it works best as a dessert!

Pantai Sindhu, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Price (in thousand Rupiah)
Carrot Cake 25
Hot Cappuccino 23
English Breakfast Set (including coffee / tea) 50


That pretty much sums up my favorite breakfast spot in Bali I found so far. Hope I’ll have the chance to explore the rest pretty soon enough!

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48 Komentar

  1. johanesjonaz berkata:

    the bacon and the toast is the best 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Yup! Those are also my favorite 😉

  2. bucathy berkata:

    Why do you eat western food when Balinese food is the most delicious in the whole wide world?? For breakfast in Bali I enjoy Bubur Ayam or nasi bungkus. I can have croissants etc any time at home!! What do you eat for breakfast at home?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Bu Cathy.

      I don’t always have the chance to enjoy western breakfast at home. You know, it’s even kinda hard to find some. So, when I lived in Bali, I made sure I have as many croissant as I could! Haha.
      Here at home, I can find Bubur Ayam, Nasi Kuning, Nasi Uduk, Kupat Tahu, and any other kind of traditional Indonesian breakfast food easily. (Love them so much!)

      Sure I will make sure to try the Indonesian breakfast as well when I have the chance to visit Bali. 😀 Thanks!

      1. bucathy berkata:

        Thanks for the quick reply and now I totally understand why you search for western breakfasts in Bali!

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          And thanks for the comment! 😀
          Haha you got my point. It’s the matter of culture I guess. Croissant and baguettes might seem to be so ordinary to you, but it also happens to me when it comes to Bubur Ayam 😉

          1. bucathy berkata:

            Exactly! I totally understand why you are so excited about the range of western food in Bali. Where do you live and what is the selection of western food available? What really surprises me though, is how many western people come to Bali and do just as you do! I met a couple recently who have lived in Jakarta for over a year now and they had never eaten jackfruit (nangka) before! How sad is that?

            1. Sharon Loh berkata:

              Well….. that’s awful 😉 But personally, I like durian better! 😀

            2. Sharon Loh berkata:

              I came from Jambi (a small city in Sumatra island) but now I’m currently living in Bandung. There are actually a variety amount of western food here in Bandung. But still I can’t find a proper bakery. I mean, the french style one. Can’t even find a good croissant. Not yet. 🙂 What about you? Are you staying in Indonesia?

              1. bucathy berkata:

                I am traveling around Indonesia this year having a ball visiting friends and family. I am not looking forward to returning to boring Australia food next year! I visited Sumatra Barat a few weeks ago and even though only saw a tiny bit of Sumatra, will definitely go bak as it is so AMAZING! I was in Bandung for a day in July to visit Saung Angklung. Have you been there?

                1. Sharon Loh berkata:

                  NOT YET! Oh my God, what a shame. I heard so many good things about Saung Angklung Mang Udjo. It’s like… we can play the angklung together with the rest of the audience, right?
                  I’m planning to go next week 😀

                  1. bucathy berkata:

                    Yes, it was amazing playing the angklung with a couple of hundred other people. I thoroughly recommend it if you like that sort of thing. The emcee was incredible the way she memorised many many songs and could lead us all just using hand signals.

            3. eduspacenet berkata:

              I have lived in Indonesia for 12 years and I don’t eat Indonesian food. Occasionally I will eat soto ayam or gado gado but other than that, I prefer western food. I cannot eat chilli or sambal – they don’t agree with my digestive system.

  3. doodyrichards berkata:

    Not a brekky person I must say, but they all look fantastic 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi there! Haha, I can’t even start a day without having breakfast. Well, they do taste fantastic as well for me 😀

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you! But I should try out many many many other restaurant though 😉

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of lovely food – really hungry now.
    Thanks for dropping by my my blog…

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      And thank you for dropping my blog as well. You too have a great blog!

  5. LFFL berkata:

    I love all your pictures. The food looks great!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      thank you!!! 🙂 and in fact, they tasted just as great as they look.

      1. LFFL berkata:

        Even better! 🙂

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          haha even better 🙂

  6. Rita Harahap berkata:

    Thanks for sharing. All the food looks so yummy : )

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you! Those are my favorite 😉

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Yuuuum! Those are my personal favorite 😉

  7. sandra berkata:

    I want your life ! ! Food AND Travel … Perfection 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Sandra!
      Nah. My life’s not that perfect. I just don’t happen to write about the bad side, that’s all 😉

  8. For a petite girl, looks like you a BIG appetite, specially for breakfast! And big budget too! That amount you paid at The Porch, is a fiesta for me & hubby :p That small sign of ‘Please push with care’ at Bread Basket made me curious and laugh – did one of their guests ever did something violent to the glass door out of the hungriness they had to put the sign haha. Love love your blog, keep it up Sharon!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Gaby! Ah your comment is finally posted.

      Well, I do enjoy breakfast! I can even have it for lunch and dinner 😉
      Na, we also think that bfast they serve at The Porch is so pricey. But since it was like our last week in Bali, we made an excuse 😛

      Hahaha love love love that you come for a visit. Thank you Gaby!
      We should hang out together next time I go there.

  9. traveller berkata:

    u didn’t mention the name of the currency in the price. it’s too confusing. would u please clearify it?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hey, I didn’t realize that! Haha. It’s in Rupiah, Indonesian currency.

      Thanks!! 😀

      1. Lee berkata:

        I’m sorry, are the prices missing zeros? Because otherwise the carrot cake would cost around 0.002 USD… That can’t be, can it?

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          Hi there!

          All of those prices above are in thousand Rupiah. So if it’s written : 20, it means 20000 rupiah.

          Sorry, it must be confusing for you.

  10. chibimeli berkata:


    are these cafes easy to find? i’ve never been to bali but i would really love to visit the cafes you introduced. i’m not really sure what the roads in bali are like, hahaha XD

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi! Thanks for reading 😉

      Yes, they are absolutely easy to find. You can easily found the route in Google Maps. Or, you can find the address from TripAdvisor and it’ll link you to the map.

      Have fun!

  11. thehungryartist berkata:

    They all look wonderful. Breakfast is my favorite meal!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Same goes for me! Especially when it comes along with coffee.

  12. Hilary berkata:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blogidy blog! Great pics! I would love a good croissant. 🙂 I really loved the interior of the Bread Basket. Those standard outdoor chairs made into rocking chairs are so unusual. I never would have thought of doing that. Happy eating!

  13. Arga Brahma berkata:

    You missed Monsieur Spoon if you want to find proper bakery in Bali.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Ya, too bad I just found out about Monsieur Spoon a month a go! Guess I have to revisit Bali soon 😉

  14. Hazlinah berkata:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I’m going Bali next year January. My third trip to Bali. 🙂

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  16. diarysivika berkata:

    Ah, Bali selalu bikin kangen 🙂

  17. Yosellina Xu berkata:

    But hey, I’m only 21 & I got no bill to pay, so.. I’m not going to meditate for 4 hours or get a massage for 2 hours because I’m as fit as a lion, so… what I did is just eat, chill out, relax, eat, hang out, eat, and take the picture.>> omg.. its the best quote ever.. Lol!

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