[ Guest Post ] Getaways to Glorious Greece

Greece Vacation Trip

Think of holidays to Greece and what springs to mind? Long sunny days, pristine beaches and picturesque coves? Ancient pillared ruins and rocky outcrops jutting out over glorious turquoise seas? Or whitewashed towns and hidden villages serving up lashings of Grecian charm? You can expect to enjoy all of these things and many more on a holiday to Greece.

Greece Vacation Trip If you’re after a voyage of discovery, there’s plenty to keep you busy in this fascinating corner of the world. On the island of Kos you’ll find mesmerising sights like the ruins of an ancient marketplace, and the fortress built by The Knights of Saint John in the 14th century. Or, head to Rhodes and see such world-famous ruins as the Temple of Apollo, the Acropolis of Lindos, the Governor’s Palace and more. Holidays to Greece are certainly historic, but they hold many other attractions too. Families will love the wide selection of bustling resorts dotted all over the Greek archipelago, the fabulous child-friendly beaches and the superb hotels. Many family hotels, particularly in the main islands like Corfu, Crete and Rhodes, offer a fantastic standard of accommodation with plenty of activities for kids ranging from water slides and splash pools to activity-packed kids’ clubs and on-site games. Or if you’re after a romantic retreat, why not hire a villa and disappear into the hills? In fact, villas make a great holiday for almost anyone – groups of friends, romantic couples, families, even budget-conscious travellers. What could be better than lazing in your own private pool, soaking up the sun and enjoying the Greek lifestyle, before watching the sun set with a sizzling barbeque and a glass of something cool and refreshing? The great thing is that whatever type of holidays to Greece tickle your fancy, you’ll find a huge selection available through package holiday tour operators, like Thomas Cook. It’s a great way to save money and you could benefit from extra deals and discounts too. So, when will you enjoy a getaway to glorious Greece?


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  1. Sounds a fascinating place to visit….
    btw, my uncle from my father was a surgeon on Athens, i hope i’ll get the chance to visit him

  2. thislearner berkata:

    Hello sharon, thanks for visiting my blog….
    Surprisingly, I visit your blog and feel woooow…do you travel around the world?

    Its verry…verry interesting blog!


    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hello Anissa! And thanks for visiting mine also.
      I found your blog from Celoteh Backpacker group. I’d like to try Kopi Lay!!! 😀

      Thanks Anissa! ^^ I’m glad that you enjoy my blog.


  3. eloratour berkata:

    Hi Sharon,
    Its look a great place … but i think Indonesia also have a wonderful place called RAJA AMPAT.

    Bandung is close to Lampung,
    And Lampunga great destination, you can enjoy Surfing, rafting, drinking kopi luwak, ride elephant at Way Kambas, stc.
    For more complete info, Please see & followback my wordpress …

    Warm regard

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