Breakfast : Bread Basket, Sanur Bali

Bread Basket Counter

There’s always a place where you found yourself keep coming back to. Mine was Bread Basket. A small bakery in Sanur I found during my first week in Bali. The only reason I hooked into Bread Basket a lot was that it serves great breakfast! And it’s quite near from where I live. So.. that makes us best friend.

Bread Basket Bread Basket Menu Bread Basket Bali

The Interior

Once you enter the store, you’ll be welcomed with the comfy sofas, the bread counter, and the lovely staff. I mean it. They are indeed lovely, friendly, and nice to children (and adults). You’ll be greet with a cloudless “Good Morning!” or “Pagi!” and… I don’t know. It somehow boosts up my mood a lil bit. Bread Basket Interior You see the table above? It was made from an old traditional sewing machine. And you see those small room divider? They were made of used bike wheels! Just so you know 😉

Bread Basket Interior
Bread Basket Sanur Interior
The fake breads and beans
Bread Basket Counter
The Counter

The Food

And here comes the best part. Yup, the foods! Fred’s favorite is and always will be Long Black Coffee and English Breakfast Set which consists of sunny side up eggs, saute mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, sausages, and toasts.

Long Black Bread Basket Sanur
Long Black
English Breakfast at Bread Basket Sanur
English Breakfast

While my favorite are their warm croissants, pretzels, and Flat White.

Croissant Bread Basket
Plain Croissant
Pretzel Bread Basket Sanur
Flat White Bread Basket
Flat White

I once tried their whole grain bread but it tasted bad for me. And it got a coarse texture too. So… good bye whole grain bread. Anyway, they also sell homemade jams here.

Bread Basket Jam

Bread Basket Sanur We do personally love everything about Basket Bread! The foods, the place, the coffee (although I like The Porch’s Coffee better. The coffee they serve was stronger), the music (they play old love songs!), the people, everything! Bread Basket Sanur This place is where we’ve been having our Saturday morning breakfast during our stay in Bali. And I feel bad that I can’t visit Bread Basket any longer since I’m coming home to Bandung next week. Till we meet again, Bread Basket! My heart belongs to your pretzel.


Go early on 8 or 9 am as they bake the breads early in the morning everyday and you’ll find fresh breads at the counter! Oh! And they’re not open for business on Sunday. We made our mistakes TWICE I can’t believe it, so please learn from our mistakes. If you decided to go for croissant or any other pastries, you can get your croissant microwaved.

Price ($)
Long Black 24
Flat White 24
Plain Croissant 8.5
Pretzel 11
English Breakfast Set 32

Jl Danau Tamblingan 51, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


5 Komentar

  1. akuaha berkata:

    hey, there! 🙂 are you staying in bali? you have such a nice blog!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi! Yup I’m currently living in Bali. But only for 2 months. I’m going back home next week. What abt you? 🙂 aww thanks! You too have a great blog. Love your photos with the analogue cam!

      1. akuaha berkata:

        Hi! woo I see, for now I’m living in Bali, but actually I am come from Jakarta. Where do you come from Sharon? 🙂

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          I come from Jambi (you know, a small city in Sumatra island ;)) But now I’m currently living in Bandung, attending college. Ah how I miss Bali!

  2. Mother Brown berkata:

    Granted the bread shown here looks a damn sight better than that sickly, limp, white sponge they sell at Indonesian supermarkets. Conato Bakery are even worse – the bread and cakes they sell are absolutely piss poor and don’t even get me started on Circle K. But then given that the typical Indonesian spends less than £1 a year on bread, how could they understand what bread is meant to be? (to put that into context, you cannot even buy a loaf of bread in England for a pound anymore).

    Clearly the place in the article was started by a Westerner but not everyone working there is on message and standards aren’t quite there, for instance that English Breakfast, what a right old dog’s dinner, that is, just look at it.

    The two eggs have been fried together in butter (gross). The cook has cut the sausage skin before cooking and then cut the sausage in two exposing the meat (plain wrong). You never cut a man’s sausage, OK? What the hell is that pathetic slice of tomato fresh doing there? You don’t have fresh tomato with an English Breakfast, you have fried tomato. And lettuce? LETTUCE! I ask you? What is that doing there? It’s meant to be an English Breakfast for f*ck sake, not a salad. Where are the baked beans? Where are the mushrooms? Where are the hash browns? Where is the black pudding? One thing’s for sure, it ain’t that stuff between the toast and the eggs, whatever that’s meant to be.

    Seriously, you try serving that to a London Cabbie of a morning and he’d tell you to go fork yourself.

    English Breakfast? $32? Yeah, right . . . you’re ‘avin a laugh, ain’t ya? It’s not even worth 32p.

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