Bali Sunset Moment x Daniel Wellington’s Classic Petite Ashfield

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It’s my third week here in Bali and I’m loving it so far! We didn’t get to go to many places. Instead, we live our normal life: have coffee and biscuits for breakfast, do some works, have lunch, do some more works until it’s just around 5pm. We love the slow enjoyable life that Bali offers.

Last weekend, we went to Double Six Seminyak beach just around 5pm. We were there for the sunset but too bad it was too cloudy and we didn’t catch any glowing magical sunset. But we did enjoy the beach, don’t get me wrong! We went strolling along the shore, met so many cute dogs, and found a place to sit and chill until it’s just dinner time.

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What I wear in this photo:

  • White top & sunglass from H&M
  • Short pants from Colorbox
  • Classic Petite Ashfield watch from Daniel Wellington (15% Discount Code: SHARONLOHH)
  • Rattan Bag from @KLOH.SET

daniel wellington valid discount code

diskon jam daniel wellington
Was so happy to be at the beach!

Most of my Bali outfit consists of short pants and a simple top (it’s hot here! Especially during the day). Hence, I always need a little touch from the pretty bold watch from Daniel Wellington. The one in the photo is their new Classic Petite Ashfield watch with rosegold lining.

If you want to take a better closer picture of the watch, you can read my previous post about it.

sunset in seminyak

15% Discount Code: SHARONLOHH


daniel wellington The Classic Petite Ashfield with rosegold lining
Isn’t it beautiful? The Classic Petite Ashfield with rosegold lining.

It’s summer all year long here! Sometimes I put my hats on, sometimes I just twist my hair into knots. But this time, I let my hair down.

bali travel blog daniel wellington

Favorite part of the day is when I met so many mini Pomeranians during our walk at the beach! They remind me of my dog so much!

sunset in seminyak bali


⁘ ⁘ ⁘

So tell me, what’s your favorite beach in Bali?
And what’s your favorite watch from @danielwellington?

Btw, If you’re buying from their website, you can use
my 15% Discount Code: SHARONLOHH.
Happy shopping!

⁘  ⁘  ⁘

Sharon Loh
Instagram : @sharonlohh


5 Komentar

  1. Raisa berkata:

    Cece cantik ngets.
    Bodygoals juga nih kamyu! Panutanque

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:


  2. Lia Harahap berkata:

    Di Bali aja panas banget. Di Jakarta apa lagi nihh hihihi.

  3. Fayra Williams berkata:

    Traveling is always a good thing in life, it fill your souls.

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