Bonjour Paris! by Bawean Bakery

Bawean Bonjour Paris

Every city has that one bakery people have been going since a loooong time ago. In this case, Bandung has Bawean Bakery.

It was first established in 1946 and was called “Sweet Heart”. What a name…. But then, as soon as they moved to Jalan Bawean 4, they changed the name to “Bawean Bakery”, in line with its location. Now that’s better! 

Bawean Bakery

And now, this bakery offers so many variety of cakes, tarts, gelato, and even main course at 3 different branches : one in Jalan Bawean itself, one in Jalan R.E Mardadinata, and one in Jalan Gandapura – all in Bandung city.

You might be asking what sets this bakery apart from other bakery in Bandung. I know.. I know.. Well, one reason is that it offers a very comfortable space for us to sit for hours. Then of course, they offers so many varieties of cake, ranging from traditional Indonesian cake to french pastries.

The one in Jalan Gandapura has a very comfy and homey feel! I was surprised I hadn’t heard much about this before. It has 2 floors – the first floor is where the kitchen, the display case, and some sofa lays.

Bawean Bakery Gandapura

Bawean Bakery Gandapura

Bawean Bakery Gandapura

Bawean Bakery Bandung

The second floor is… so damn spacious! And fancy. There’s even a room for private party with piano in it.

Bawean Bandung

Bawean Bandung

Last weekend, I had soooo much fun with fellow #bandungfoodies at Bawean (Gandapura branch). Yes, that’s because of the this called Bonjour Paris, the semi-buffet breakfast which is held every weekend (Fri – Sun) at Bawean Cafe (Gandapura branch). With IDR 100k++, you can get one breakfast meal, unlimited banana flambe, drinks, and of course, pastries and desserts!

So it was 8 am in the morning, I haven’t got anything to eat and saw these pastries served at the table. I was becoming more and more hungry the moment I got there!

Bawean Bonjour Paris

Bawean Bakery Bandung

My breakfast started off well with this spinach soup, and a bagel. Well, I think this one is too soft to be called as a bagel, but let’s just call it that way.

Breakfast at Bawean Bandung

Then of course, I opted for some Madeleine (YUM!), Croissant, and some Rolls.




And not to forget the pizza!

Bawean Bakery

I can’t stop eating until the chef attracted me with this fire. I wondered what he was cooking for us.

Banana Flambe

Later I found out that he made BANANA FLAMBE. The word FLAMBE itself refers to the cooking method which use alcohol (and in this case, Rhum). It’s added to the hot pan to create the flame. I love love love how to dark Rhum and brown sugar combined with the banana.

Banana Flambe

Banana Flambe Bandung

It’s served with Whipped Cream and some fruits. Tasted amazingly good! It would be even better if they use vanilla ice cream instead of tasteless whipped cream though.

Breakfast Bawean Bandung

Did I mention that you can choose one main course for your breakfast? Here’s the option!

Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur is supposed to be a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. But this one use beef so it’s HALAL 🙂

Folapong Seafood

Folapong Seafood

I highly recommend you to pick this one as the others tasted just okay for me!  The sauce is really mind blowing. So… good. It’s a flaky puff pastry with seafoods and I-don’t-know-what sauce. I never knew seafood and puff pastry make a good combination.

Salmon Fricassee

salmon fricassee

Fillets of fresh salmon, breads, veggies, and scrambled egg. I might say, nothing really excites me.

Polaite Funtain Blue

Breakfast Bandung

No one can really guess what Polaite Funtain Blue really is since… I don’t know. Can you? This one is simply grilled bread with mushroom, chicken, and melted cheese on top. Love the lovely touch from the mushroom or else it’s gonna be too dry.

Roast Beef Bruchetta

Roast Beef BruschettaGrilled thin slice of bread with tomato sauce and cold-cut beef on top. Tasted good but just doesn’t work for me.

Omelette + Sausage + French Fries

Breakfast Bandung

Like its name, this one is simply fries, with sausages and omelette. Told ya, you should pick the Folapong Seafood!

After the main course, I opted for something sweeter like this two cups here.

Breakfast Bawean Bakery

I’m not sure what these actually are. The yellow one tasted like custard, but much thicker while the chocolate tasted like… yeah chocolate. Love ’em both! I can’t decide which one I like better.

But here’s the bomb. RHUM BALL.

Rhum Ball

It might not look appetizing, as it looks just like some random ball-shaped chocolate cake topped with chocolate sprinkles. But trust me, it contains rhum in it. And it is soooo strong that i make me want to take another one, and another one, and…..

As for the drink, they provide Iced Milo, Coffee, and Tea. I did try the coffee, but hell, doesn’t taste good. It tasted just like any other instant thin coffee at the hotel. So I opted for the tea instead. Since I’m not a tea kind of person, I can’t really tell which tea is a good one and which on is not.

Well, my overall verdict for the breakfast : YUMMY! If you know what to choose.

Next time, I’m gonna fill my stomach with lots of BANANA FLAMBE and RHUM BALLS. And perhaps I’ll bring my own coffee to make it nicer.

FYI, BAWEAN BAKERY also serves dinner here starting from IDR 35k / meal. It’s called Midnight in Paris. (You know the movie? I’m obsessed with it!)

Bawean Dinner Bandung

Thanks for the breakfast, Bawean Bakery! It was lovely!

Bonjour Paris at Bawean Bakery (Breakfast Buffet)
IDR 100k++
Jalan Gandapura 43
Bandung 40113, Indonesia
Website :
nstagram : @baweanresto
acebook : Bawean Bakery | Resto | Gelato | Cafe


email :


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  1. cerita4musim berkata:

    french fries during brunch, pretty heavy menu hah? :))

  2. Kshatriyas a wonderful place! 👏

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