Where To Eat in Bandung (Part 1)


Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic : FOOD!

This post is gonna be a little bit longer that usual since this one is a compilation post about some of my favorite places to eat in Bandung. You know, I’m to lazy to write an individual post for each restaurant review, that’s why I wrote this one. The good thing is, there will be more compilation post to come!

The post itself will mostly describes about what I like and what I don’t really like about the restaurant – if there’s any. And please note that this opinion of mine is very subjective. It really depends on my mood that day, and the service that day. You know, it all can just change anytime.

Okay! So, this time, I’m gonna feature some of the well known Restaurant and Cafe in Bandung, which are not exactly cheap in pricing, but I found these places to be very cozy and kinda fancy for a romantic dinner and surely not a place you want to miss in Bandung. Who’s got a date anyway?

So! Here are 5 restaurants picked this time, sorted on alphabetical order. Next time, I’ll write more about local foods, promise!

1. Braga Permai

Braga Permai

Braga Permai

Braga Permai

Braga Permai

Legendary. That’s the only word best describes what this restaurant is like. Braga Permai (or also well known as Maison Bogerijen) is a famous old Dutch restaurant in Bandung. It’s been there since 1920s, the Dutch Colonial Era, and still serving great foods until today. You wouldn’t believe if I say that this place is where the white people in Bandung had their meal that time, would you? It was like a royal restaurant back then. Too bad that this restaurant has been renovated so I feel no atmosphere of the colonial era. But there are some old photos of Maison Bogerijen hung on the wall though! Just… don’t expect for the classic ambiance here as you’ll be disappointed.

As for the food, they serve great variety of Western, Indonesian, and also Chinese foods. Pastries, desserts, and steak are not to be missed here!

I opted for their Lamb Chop. It looks dry at first, but surprisingly, it tasted much better than how it looks. The meat was super tender, and the sauce was just perfect! The side dishes (the french fries and the veggies) didn’t taste special to me.

Fettuccine Carbonara is another food you shouldn’t miss here. Tasted exactly just like what I expected. The fettuccine has a very soft texture and it comes with a delicious cheesy creamy sauce. A pile of yummy goodness.

Don’t forget to order Rum Raisin Ice Cream for dessert. Lekker! 

Pssst. You’ll get a complimentary breadbasket here. But it’s just a pile of dry garlic bread and cheese stick, with no baguette and butter. Boo! 

Jalan Braga No.15 Bandung, Jawa Barat 40111, Indonesia
Phone : +62 22 42337788
Hours : Open today · 9:00 am – 12:00 am
Map :

2. Fashion Pasta

Fashion Pasta Bandung

Fashion Pasta Bandung

Craving for Italian food? No doubt. Fashion Pasta is the best you can find in Bandung. It’s owned and run by an Italian who happens to stay here in Bandung. This restaurant was first opened in 2008 and has been serving great Italian foods ever since.

The Spaghetti alla Carbonara Beef was da BOMB! If that sounds too mainstream for you, you can try their Fettuccine al Salmone as well! It’s a great home made pasta with norwegian salmon, french brandy, and white cream sauce. Oh, not to mention the Risotto! It’s nicely cooked with chicken broth, parmesan, and some toppings on to. Did I mention that some of the ingredients are imported from Italy, including the rice for the Risotto?

As for the dessert, we got a free Tiramisu from the owner. Yay, thank you! It’s definitely the best one I’ve had so far. Lady fingers dipped in espresso, french brandy, chocolate mousse, and cacao. How’s that sound to you? Next time, I’ll take the panna cotta!

Jalan Resor Dago Pakar No 18 A, Ciburial, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40198, Indonesia
Phone :+62 22 2516101
Hours : Open today · 4:00 – 11:30 pm
Map :

3. Stone Cafe

Stone Cafe Bandung

Stone Cafe Bandung

Stone Cafe Bandung

Nice place up hill, with live music and a plenty amount of nice foods to choose from ranging from Sundanese food to Western food. That pretty much describes what I like most about Stone Cafe.

I like the setting here as they provide two main seating area : the dining room and the saung. Never been to the dining room before though since the saung itself is very comfortable!

As for the food, I’m addicted to their Sop Buntut Bakar – one of their best seller. The oxtail was grilled and served separately from the soup. It was sweet and tender and perfectly caramelized. Probably my favorite oxtail soup right now. Perfect for a chilly night!

For dessert, I opted for their Poffertjes, the traditional Dutch snack. It’s basically a small fluffy pancakes. Some have banana inside, some have chocolate, and the others have raisins. Pour the chocolate sauce over them and you’ll see why I can’t get rid of this thing.

There are plenty of friendly staff here which will gladly serve you with their warm smile, but most of the time, you’ll need to get out of the saung to call them.

Jalan Rancakendal Luhur No. 5, Dago Atas, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40198, Indonesia
Phone :+62 22 2500577
Hours : Open today · 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Map :

4. The Valley

The Valley Bandung

The Valley Bandung

The Valley Bandung

The Valley Bandung

The Valley Bandung

The Valley Bandung

Freezingly romantic. I fell in love with this place the moment I arrived. Love love love the settings! There are lights everywhere, even on the tree that it feels like Christmas for me. Not to mention the candles on every table that makes the ambiance even more romantic. This, my friend, is a perfect place for a romantic dinner.

For starters, I’d recommend you to have their Zuppa Soup. It’s a must! Then, you probably want to have their great Terderloin Steak, or their Spaghetti Alfredo – which is my favorite. The spaghetti is even served with some fruit salads, onion rings, and some veggies. This surely is the biggest portion of pasta I’ve ever had, but not the best to be honest. For dessert, I chose Strawberry Cheese Cake which doesn’t taste much like what I expected. It’s a fluffy cake, with pie crust around it and some cream and strawberry. Tasted… weird. A big NO for the cheesecake!

Next time I’m gonna come just before sunset 😉

Jalan Lembah Pakar Timur No. 28, Dago Pakar, Jawa Barat 40119, Indonesia
Phone :+62 22 2531053
Hours : Open today · 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Map :

5. Tizi’s



Tizi’s is one of the earliest classy restaurant opened in Bandung. It’s been there since the 70s and still in business until today. It offers great German dishes with a great value of money. What I like about this restaurant is that it has a cozy backyard-setting seating which I found suitable for both not-so-romantic dinner and also a family dinner.

Their favorite menu is Schaschlik, which is simply a German-style skewered meat and veggies. You can choose of having one, two, or three skewers. For me, one or two would be enough. It’s grilled using a homemade BBQ sauce. I personally like this one. Baked Chicken is also one of my favorite here that I even made a repeat order on that one! For dessert, don’t forget to have their Apple Crumble!

Jalan Kidang Pananjung no.3, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40135, Indonesia
Phone :+62 22 2504963
Hours : Open today · 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Map :

So that’s pretty much my 5 picked restaurant this time, in Where To Eat in Bandung (Part 1). I’ll come back with more list on Where to Eat in Bandung (Part 2)! What do you want me to feature next? Come, shoot! Gimme some ideas!


email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com


18 Komentar

  1. Dimas berkata:

    Kambing bakar cairo! Jubilaire! how about some indonesian resto?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      I’m thinking about writing more Indonesian resto!!! Any suggestion, kaw? Jubilare udah kan 😛 Oh iya Kambing Bakar Cairo belom tuh!

  2. Looking forward to next part of the list, I think I’ve tried these places alread except the Braga one.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Yayyy stay tuned ya! There are still a looot of places I haven’t visited yet :O

  3. Jimmy berkata:

    How about asian cuisine part? Gan Bei perhaps? hahaha. extremely excited for the next part.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Ahhh nice idea! Should explore more asian restaurant then 😀 Yuk makan2 bareng Jim!

  4. Meutia Gita Soraya berkata:

    Could you give the estimated price range for each restaurants on the next parts? Well, we all need to count the budgets before we hit the plates! 😀

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      NOTED! 😀 I’ll edit this one as well, adding the price range part. Thank you soooo much for your suggestion!

  5. cerita4musim berkata:

    Udahlah kamu jd tour food guide aku aja ya kl ke Bdg :-))

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hayuk sini kak feeeee, jgn lupa bawa coklat yg banyak dari sana ya 😉

  6. Ari Azhari berkata:

    Suis Butcher. My all time favorite. Selalu singgah ke sana tiap ke Bandung. Yummmm

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Noted!!! 😀 Thanks rekomendasi nya yaaa 🙂

  7. bukanbocahbiasa berkata:

    Yum-yum-yum…. deliciousss… kalo ke BDG mau ke sini aaahhh

  8. meidianakusuma berkata:

    hahahaha kemarin aku nginepnya di Valley juga ronn 😀
    breakfastnya sukses bikin aku kekenyangan :))

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahaha gila gila gila keceeeeee.

  9. Sharon berkata:

    Hi Sharon, great info! Pls try prosciutto di melone at fashion pasta and rhum truffle at TiZi… Superb…

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Sharon (it’s weird to call each other’s name huh?)! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m so gonna add it to my Bandung list right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit Bandung again anytime soon. xoxo

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