Warung Sangrai, Bandung

Puyuh Cabe Rawit Warung Sangrai

Last week, I went to Warung Sangrai for dinner along with the other Bandung foodies.

Located at Jalan Cihampelas Bandung, this place is so easy to spot! Just walk down the Cihampelas street and keep your eyes to the right side of the street, like literally, and pretty much you’ll find it easily. It’s located just exactly beside the gas station.

Warung Sangrai

This place is unfortunately quite small. I think it can only hold up to 20 to 25 people at once. Too bad that I didn’t manage to take a picture of the venue.

But don’t worry! They got another branch just beside Heritage FO in Riau area, Bandung. It’s way bigger there. And for those of you who bring your own car, it is better to go to the other branch since it’s kinda hard to find a parking lot here in Cihampelas branch.

Warung Sangrai

Quail is the specialty here. Yes, quail. Say good bye for a while to your favorite chicken!

There are 4 flavors of quail available here : Original (IDR 19k), Rawit (IDR 20k), Cabe Garam or chilli and salt (IDR 20k) and GoCap (IDR 20k) which is just fried quail with sweet soy sauce.

For each kind of flavor, you can choose what kind of quail you would like to have : the local quail or the Prancis quail which is almost twice as big as the local one. You would want to pay extra IDR 10k for the Prancis quail though.

I personally prefer the Prancis quail since it’s bigger (yeah, sure) and has more meat in it. You won’t believe me but for me, the local one is so much smaller that there’s nothing on them to eat.

Puyuh Rawit (IDR 20k)

Warung Sangrai Bandung

This one is fried quail with Rawit chili on top. Plus some other extra at the bottom part of the quail. I might say, this one kicks me hard! Like all of the sudden, my brain stops working. It is THAT spicy. And what I mean by spicy is… spicy. But still, I can’t stop eating until the very last bite. The fried quail tasted good tough! It tasted more or less like chicken, only it’s harder.

Puyuh Cabe Garam (IDR 20k)

Puyuh Cabe Rawit Warung Sangrai

This one is also fried quail. Well, basically, all quails here are fried. They’re just served with different toppings. This one is my second favorite after Puyuh Rawit! It comes with sliced chili, garlic, and salt. I love love love the combination of the spicy chili and the garlic and salt. It just fits right! But I found this one a little bit too salty. And also dry, since it’s served with only sliced chili and salt. But that’s what something with chili and salt should be anyway.

Puyuh GoCap (IDR 20k)

Puyuh Warung Sangrai

You know what? GoCap stands for ‘Goreng Kecap’ which means fried with sweet soy sauce. So that pretty much describes what this quail is. It’s fried quail with sweet soy sauce all over the quail. Yum!

Puyuh Original (IDR 19k)

Puyuh Warung Sangrai

This one’s just a fried quail. Nothing really special about it compared to the others. It comes with a rawit chili as well, but this time, the chili is served separately from the quail so you can just control how much chili you want to take in. Pretty convenient, huh?

Milo Dinosaur (IDR 20k)

Milo Warung Sangrai

As for the drink, I had this so called Milo Dinosaurs which is basically iced Milo with a dash of Milo powder on top. It tasted just good. I mean, it does tasted like a normal Milo. But for IDR 20k? I’d rather get myself another quail to be honest.

Dessert : Pisang Tusuk Keju Coklat (IDR 10k)

Warung Sangrai
For dessert, we had this Banana with cheese and chocolate. I’m not really into this dessert since it tasted just okay to me. The banana is kinda sour, and it tasted just like what I used to make at home. Nothing really special. And besides, here you’ve got to pay IDR 10k for one stick of banana while at the market, you can get a bunch of banana. So.. I just don’t see why I should get this one here. But for you who craves for some and too lazy to make it at home, they also have another flavors, with Milo (IDR 10k).

Overall, I like the food here! Especially PUYUH RAWIT and PUYUH CABE GARAM. They are just soo tasty, crispy, and spicy – yes, I do crave for something spicy occasionally. Now I’m hungry just by writing this!

Thank you so much Warung Sangrai for the scrumptious meals. We really enjoyed it until our last bite! 

Warung Sangrai

#1 Branch : Jl. LL. RE. Martadinata no. 63, Bandung (Heritage F.O.)
#2 Branch : Jl. Cihampelas 177

Outdoor seating : NO
WIFI                    : NO
Credit Cards        : Not sure. More like a NO


email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com


4 Komentar

  1. yulinas berkata:

    It looks delicious.. and spicy 😀

    btw nice to know you sharon, and your blog.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you for the visit! 🙂
      Oh this one’s one of my fav dish in town. Spicy food for the win!!! 😀

  2. Septia berkata:

    well it’s quite cheap for a menu set nowadays, only 20k. but I agree with you, that 20k for a milo dinosaur is overpriced :))

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