Booster Society, Bandung

Potato Wedges Booster Society

I can’t believe there’s a new coffee shop near my boarding house which serves great coffee. Yes, you might have seen some of my photos in my Instagram, and yes again, it’s Booster Society, a newly opened (just around 3 months) coffee shop in Dago. The best thing is, beside the coffee and the food, it’s located just at the one side of the main street. From Mcd Simpang Dago, go straight to Dago Pakar and keep your eye on the right side of the street. Then most likely you will find Booster Society easily.

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Anyway, there are 2 main area for seating : indoor and semi-outdoor, the smoking area. This place is not spacious but it feels warm and comfortable. I love love love the tiny tiny things they put on the corner, on the wall, on the table, everywhere!

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung
Am I the one who’s hungry here? I bet not.

Hot Latte (IDR 25k)

Coffee Booster Society

I was surprised that they do serve good coffee. You know, the owner learned about coffee for several months and then, he joined some competition and ended up loving coffee a lot more. That’s why they decided to build this coffee shop.

Flat White (IDR 30k)

Coffee Booster Society

I’ve always always love Flat White. There’s something about it that attracts me more than Latte do. Perhaps because it has less foam and more espresso? It’s silky smooth~

Potato Wedges (IDR 27k)

Potato Wedges Booster Society

Oh this one took my heart! The potato wedges is crispy at the edges and yet, so soft inside. Plus, they toss some spices to add more flavors and that successfully add a little kick. Definitely one of my favorite snacks!

Booster Platters (IDR 47k)

Booster Society

I’m not sure you want to miss this one. This platters rocks! There are fries, chips, fried chicken, and also sausages. The chicken tasted so good and well seasoned, and so does the fries and chips. The sausage is not my favorite though, it’s kinda dry, perhaps it’s been over-fried.

Booster Big Breakie (IDR 59k)

Booster Big Breakie

For your, morning people out there, you might wanna try this Big Breakie. It consists of sauteed mushroom, tomato, sausages, egg, hashbrown, toast, and… I don’t know, beef?

The mushroom’s so good, and so does the tomato. The other part of the meal was just okay for me. But still overall, it’s enjoyable for a morning booster.

Beef Stroganoff (IDR 45k)

Beef Stroganoff Bandung

Sauteed pieces of beef served with white sauce and Buttered Rice. Yum yum. The rice is a little bit too dry for me, but for my friend, it’s just perfect. The beef is for us, a little bit over cooked, but I do like the white sauce. Just a little bit improvement on the beef, then voila! And oh, it comes with fresh veggies too!

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (IDR 33k)

Cafe Bandung

Hurray, they have pasta here! This Spaghetti Aglio e Olio is kinda spicy for me, but it’s nicely cooked! And it comes with a big portion as well.

Thai Tea (IDR 30k)

Thai Tea Booster Society

I can’t believe we eat this much, it’s just me and @makansampaikenyang for God sake! Now it’s time for another drink. This Thai Tea is a great choice after all of those foods. Glad that they keep the sugar in a separate container since I don’t even need any. It’s perfect just the way it is. Soooo refreshing.

Booster Society

Matcha Latte (IDR 30k)

Booster Society

For matcha lover? Don’t worry. Booster Society got your back. They serve Matcha Latte as well!

Nutella & Oreo Pizza (IDR 36k)

Okay okay. I promise this is the last meal we’ll have today. There’s always room for dessert, right?

Booster Society Bandung

Pizza. Nutella. Oreo. Vanilla Ice Cream. How’s that sound to you? THIS DESSERT IS DESERVES A FIVE STAR. I mean, even the Nutella itself is to die for. I never imagined they’re good complement to each other. So, make sure you order one!

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Booster Society Bandung

Overall, my visit to Booster Society was a nice one, although some foods need a little bit improvement, like the spicy spaghetti? I can’t stand it! But, if you ask me what menus I love most, then I’ll pick : POTATO WEDGES, FLAT WHITE, THAI TEA, and of course, NUTELLA & OREO PIZZA. Do have some!

I’m not done with you yet. Will come back for more coffee and snacks! 

Booster Society
Jalan Dago 328 Bandung
+62 22 96132132

Outdoor seating : NO (They do have semi-outdoor seating though for smokers)
WIFI                 : YES
Credit Cards      : Not sure
Menu                : Coffee, Brunch, Lunch, Snacks


email :

14 Komentar

    1. Makasih banyaaaak! 😀

      Wah lain kali aku mau coba dehhh tart nya! Jadi penasaran.
      Smoked Ham Pizza nya enak ya! Kemarin baru balik kesana lagi nyicip hihi. Sama Hot Chocolate nya enak juga tuh :9 Ga terlalu manis kyk di cafe2 lain.

      Wah asik, siap meluncur!

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I’m from Malaysia and I’ve been googling around to find good places to eat, then I found your blog and I’m really glad i did. Lots of useful information particularly on eatery places and yes on halal status as well. I’ll be going to Bandung next year which will be in February with few of my friends gor 5D 4N.

    Hope to you can share more about bandung because mostly I found ‘main streams’ reccomended places like kampung daun and all sorts. As I’ll be visiting Bandung for the third time, I would really appreciate if you could write more about places tourist might not always go but are very appealing; be it waterfall, sight-seeing places oh yeah and shopping spots too! Or where Bandung youngsters chill at.

    Thank you so much for all the info and really looking forward to visit your beautiful country. And hey, you’ve a really great blog!

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