Perky Pedro : Comidas Y Bebidas, Bandung

Tacos at Perky Pedro Bandung

Perky Pedro : Comidas Y Bebidas, which means Perky Pedro : Foods and Drinks is a newly opened restaurant selling Mexican foods here in Bandung.

When my friend first asked me to grab a lunch at Perky Pedro, I was like : “Wow, Mexican food huh? I’ve never had any Mexican foods before. So, LET’S GO!”. But, we’re going for dinner instead.

You now, just a week before, my other friend asked me if I know any places in Bandung selling Taco because he’s craving for some. What a coincidence! Now I think I find it. I got your back, buddy!

Perky Pedro Bandung

It REALLY is dark here at night, and I had difficulty taking a good pictures. So, pardon my poor quality of pictures, okay?

Well, what should I begin with?

Perky Pedro has 2 mains seating area : Outdoor and Indoor. I prefer indoor since the outdoor area is crazily DARK. Like, where’s the light bulb? *huft sorry for keep complaining about the lightning*

Anyway, here in Perky Pedro, the brick walls are painted white with some adorable drawings on it. I did walk around the restaurant just to make sure I saw all of the paintings myself. I wonder how eye-catchy they look at day. They are soooo instagram-able, don’t you think?

Perky Pedro Bandung

Perky Pedro Bandung

Perky Pedro Bandung

Perky Pedro Bandung

Perky Pedro Bandung

Perky Pedro Bandung

Now, about the foods. We ordered 3 main dishes : Taco, Burritos, and Quesadillas. I have no idea what they really are, what they look like, and what they tasted like before I had some here. Yes, this is my VERY FIRST Mexican food! Weehee!

Taco with Chicken Finger (IDR 40k)

Tacos at Perky Pedro Bandung

Homemade tortilla with scrumptious fillings. This one is the epitome of Mexican cuisine! I chose chicken fingers for the fillings. Of course if you don’t like chicken (haven’t met anyone who hate chicken though), there are many other fillings you can choose : sirloin strip, breaded shrimp, ox tongue, and even boiled shrimp with thousand island sauce.

This set consists of 2 pieces of Taco, and some nachos. As for the dipping sauce, we’ve got salsa, sour cream, cheese sauce, and guacamole here.

For those who happens not to be familiar with these kind of dipping, here’s a quick explanation.

Guacamole is dip made of avocados. Just simply a mashed ripe avocados with salt and mortar and.. I don’t know what else. Oh, some other version of guacamole also calls for onion, lemon juice, and even chili.

While Salsa is actually a Spanish term for ‘sauce’. And there are many kind of salsa out there. The most well known is the red salsa – the tomato based sauce. This one I have here in Perky Pedro includes cooked diced tomatoes, chilli peppers, onion, garlic, and.. I don’t know. Chopped fresh cilantro perhaps?

Among all the sauce, salsa is my favorite! It tasted kinda spicy and also sour. Sooo fresh! Just perfect for my taco.

Tacos at Perky Pedro Bandung

Anyway, I found the tortilla bread here is too hard for me. It’s kinda hard to chew them together at once. I can’t even crack it up with my fingers.

Definitely not my favorite.

Tacos at Perky Pedro Bandung

Burritos with Beef (IDR 47.5k)

Burritos at Perky Pedro

Burritos is another popular Mexican food. It’s basically Mexican Fried Rice with melted cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and onion rolled in a soft flour tortilla. I love the soft tortilla way better than the hard one!

And oh, this one’s served with salads and nachos.

Tasted… just okay. I mean, there’s nothing special about the Mexican Fried Rice. Indonesian fried rice I found at the street vendors are wayyyy more delicious than this.

Burritos at Perky Pedro

Quesadillas with Cheese (IDR 29k)

Quesadillas Perky Pedro

Ah here comes my favorite. Quesadillas! It’s mexican flatbread filled with melted cheese, onion, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. Served hot! You can choose the fillings from chicken, veggies, cheese, shrimp, ox tongue to ground beef.

I had cheese with me. And it was a PERRRRFECT combination to my flatbread. I love how soft and chewy the tortilla breads are. Definitely gonna re-order this one.

Pink and Blue Cadillac (IDR 25k each)

Pink Cadillac Blue Cadillac Perky Pedro

I totally forgot what these are. The pink one is strawberry plus… I don’t know. And the blue one (it doesn’t even look blue to me) has another mixture. Tasted just good! And thick. And sweet.

Pink Cadillac Blue Cadillac Perky Pedro

Overall, I like the food here, except for the Taco. But doesn’t really like the place at night since it’s wayyy to dark for me. *again, I can’t stop complaining. Sorry*

Oh! One more thing. They sell several kind of alcoholic drinks here, but it’s not available yet. Perhaps I should come back later for some martini?

Sharon Loh Bandung



Perky Pedro
Jl. Riau 128A, Bandung, West Java
Reservations       : NO
Menus                : Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Bar Snacks
Free Wi-Fi           : YES
Outdoor Seating  : YES



email :

7 Komentar

  1. V. Alarcón-Córdoba berkata:

    Mexican food is so common here in the US, that it sounds very refreshing to hear it described from someone newly experiencing it. Very accurate!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahaha I know right. It’s like I’m reading someone writing a long post about Indonesian Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) which is a very common food here; and it’s not even fancy at all. And I was surprised people actually put an effort to write about that thing!

      Anyway, glad to hear that I describe it accurately! 🙂

  2. YEAY TACO. Thank you for posting this Sharon, i’m so ‘kabita’ and i’m gonna grab one for dinner tonight. Cheers! :9

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahahaha as you command, Onit! Oh yes you should. It’s Friday so let’s get rid of that ‘kabita’ for a while 😛

  3. Messa berkata:

    Interiornya bagus kayaknya ya mbak. Aku perhatikan belakangan ini banyak resto baru muncul hanya menang dekorasi, sementara rasa makanannya biasa2 saja. Sayang banget.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Iyaaaa! Aku suka banget interiornya. And yes, banyak banget skr resto baru yang tmpnya lucu tapi makanan nya biasa (walaupun makanannya bagus kalo di foto hihi).

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