Catching Sunrise at Mount Bromo

Sunrise Mount Penanjakan

In the mid of August, Fred, Cindy and I went for our first hiking at Mount Bromo, East Java, Indonesia. Mount Bromo is quite popular among tourists both local and foreigner for its ‘easy’ hiking track. The highlights of the area are Mount Bromo (with its smoking crater), Mount Penanjakan (the favorite sunrise spot), and Cemoro Lawang (where most visitors stay). There’s also Mount Semeru, the highest mountain in Java. Locals say, it took 2 days straight to hike Mount Semeru. It will never be on my list!


We reach Cemoro Lawang (the outer side of Mount Bromo area) at 11 pm and booked a room at Cafe Lava Hostel. Most people, including us, only use the room for a couple of hours since we have to start hiking at dawn – if you’re looking for the sunrise. Cafe Lava Hostel has the best location (at the edge of the crater) so you just need to walk straight into Bromo. But I don’t think it worth the amount of money we payed. It is over priced.

Sunrise from Mount Penanjakan

3.15 am

We had our morning call. It was 3 am and I was too excited that I didn’t even feel sleepy anymore although I only got a 4 hours sleep. We put our jacket on along with our gloves, winter hats, pants, and shoes. Since I left my boots in Bandung, I used my running shoes instead – it slips several time. We were prepared to see the sunrise!

The sky was full of stars I could never imagine and the temperature was less than 10 degree Celsius up there. Not to waste any more time, I sat on the back seat of the Jeep heading to Mount Penanjakan. It took about half an hour to reach the parking area at Mount Penanjakan and then we walked for about 10 – 15 minutes to the top of Mount Penanjakan.

Sunrise Mount Penanjakan

Here, at the top of Mount Penanjakan, lies a brilliant panoramic view of Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, and the crater! I was lucky enough with the cloud so the view up there was so clear to the east. And if I looked straight, I could see the sun coming up slowly.

Mount Bromo

Since Mount Bromo is one of the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, it is crowded! Some people even used their camera flash as they took some pictures of the mountain, which I found quite annoying.

But later when the sun shows up, all things were paid off.

Sunrise Mount Bromo

Sunrise Mount Bromo
Mount Penanjakan
Me, Fred & Cindy at the top of Mount Penanjakan

Sunrise Mount Penanjakan

Mount Bromo’s Crater


Off to the crater we go! We trekked down Mount Penanjakan and up to Mount Bromo summit. It was a 2 – 3 km long journey. There are horses available for rent but we chose to walk instead.

Jeep Mount Bromo

From Mount Penanjakan, it took around 10 minutes using our Jeep to reach the foot of Mount Bromo’s Crater. And an hour walk to the top of Mount Bromo’s crater.

Sand to Mount Bromo Crater
Road through the Sea of Sand to Mount Bromo’s crater
Stairway to Mount Bromo’s crater
Stairway to Mount Bromo’s crater
Mount Bromo 360 view
Panoramic View of Mount Bromo

The Savanna


Next up was the savanna area. We just had a quick stroll around this area and took some pictures along our way. There’s nothing so special around here. But still the view was beautiful.

Mount Bromo Savanna
The Savanna Area
Jeep Mount Bromo
Our Jeep

Sharon at Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo
And….. jump!

I had so much fun hiking Mount Bromo! The sunrise, the experience, the feeling worth the effort. Thank you for the amazing experience!


Bring your jacket along with your gloves as it’s cold up there at dawn. But if you don’t you could rent a jacket for around 25k-30k Rupiah and buy a gloves for 20k Rupiah.

*some photos courtesy of Fredric, my beloved travelling partner!

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50 Komentar

    1. Hi Carlos!

      Of course it’s possible. But unfortunately, I can’t find any trusted website fro renting a car. But in fact, once you get there, there will be a lot of locals offering you a jeep for rent.
      Just don’t be hesitate to do a little bargain 🙂

  1. Hi Sharon, I plan to travel to Surabaya next month. I intend to go to Malang & Mt Bromo. But do not wish to watch the sunrise, just a visit there. Can you recommend transport from Surabaya to Malang. Tq

    1. Hi Wei Juan!

      Sounds like a fun trip!

      The only public transportation I know is bus. They say it departs every 15 minutes. So it might be easier for you to catch up with the bus schedule.

      There is also another alternative, a shuttle minivans. You can find it at the airport.

      Have fun!

  2. hey there! read the whole thing and was amazed! im actually going there in 3 weeks time and im quite curious about the accomodation like the cafe lava per night and the jeep per trip. Is it worth?

    1. Well, because, the room is lack of maintenance 😦
      Oh about Java Banana, there’s a room that can accomodate 9 adults in 6 bunk beds. My friends said it’s quite cheap compared to Cafe Lava. But I’m not quite sure abt the exact pricing.

  3. Hi, I’ll be heading to mt bromo in a month’s time. Just want to ask if you booked your 4×4 van only when u reached cemoro lawang? We’re hoping to settle our transport up to bromo only when we get there. Great photos btw!

  4. Hi,
    If you don’t mind to share, how did you reach Cemoro Lawang? Where did you travel from?
    Did you also book the sunrise tour (by Jeep) with Café Lava hotel as well? How much did they quote? Thanks.

    1. Hi there!

      I went there by car, my boyfriend drove from Bali.
      And yes, we still need to book the Jeep since we’re not allowed to travel around Bromo by city car – I think it would be hard without Jeep.

      Once you get there, there’ll be a lot of people offering you the Jeep & tour package. You’ll just have to bargain for the best price. The Jeep costs around IDR 500.000.

      1. icic.. thanks for the infoo.. lagi mikir to book everything ourself, apa pake tour package aja.. jadi enak tinggal di jemput dari sby airport. hahaha. km sewa mobil disana? apa km asal surabaya?

        1. You’re welcome! 🙂

          Oooh hahaha tinggal di Sby ya? Kalo harganya reasonable sih enakan tour package aja biar ga repot 😛
          Aku dari Bandung. Waktu itu kebetulan lagi tinggal di Bali, trs jd dari Bali ke Bandung bawa mobil gitu. Terus sekalian mampir deh. Hehe.

          1. ohh.. aku pikir km tinggal di surabaya.. hehe.. kita2 dari singapore nih. dan agak susah kontek travel agent indo.. once they know we called from singapore, harganya mayand di mahal-in gt. haha.. jadi lagi asking around deh. thanks yah sharon! =)

  5. heyy i just stop by to look at your pictures about bromo. Mau nanya, where did you rent the Jeep? Did you drive that jeep sendiri atau dapet supirnya juga? thanks ya

    1. Hello there! 🙂 Thank you for reading, ya.

      Kemarin nyewa Jeep random waktu udah sampai kesana. Banyak abang2 nongkronin nawarin Jeep mereka. Udah include supirnya kok.

      Have fun in Bromo!

  6. Hi Sharon..Amazing pics…:) We are also planning trip to Mt Bromo in Aug this year. However, were wondering how difficult/easy is the trek – considering we would have a 11 month old infant with us. While both me and my husband have done a bit of trekking earlier – but we are unsure if we can do it with the baby along, The picture and description of the place looks tempting.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for reading 🙂 The trek is pretty easy, it seems like it’s made for beginners. If you’re travelling with a baby, though, it might get a little bit harder I think as you do a lot of walking, although the route is pretty straight forward. But it really depends on you! 🙂 Safe travel

  7. Unique experience and highlight of our tour. Got up early (around 3 am) then transferred by jeep, followed by 45-minute hiking to the volcano crater. This is a place which looks something out of the world. Stunning.

    Those photos are amazing, thank you for sharing with us

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