Mini Travel Guide : Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Have you ever heard about Batu? It’s a small city in East Java, Indonesia I never even imagined myself going to. So how did I get there?

Here’s the story.

Last summer, Fred & I spent our 2 months internship in Bali. And during our way back to Bandung, we stopped by Batu city and thought it would be great to explore Batu a lil bit more since the city looks so interesting.

So, here I am, picking out the highlights of Batu city and sharing them to you guys. I hope this travel guide helps you.

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Batu Secret Zoo – Best Zoo in Indonesia!

As I promised earlier on my post about Museum Satwa, I’m gonna write a brief review about what it is inside Batu Secret Zoo.

So.. Batu Secret Zoo is actually located in the same area with Museum Satwa, which is Jawa Timur Park 2 in Batu, Malang. It’s probably one of the biggest recreation park in Indonesia! There are museum (Museum Satwa / Museum of Wildlife), zoo (Batu Secret Zoo), hotel (Pohon Inn) and Eco Park. And believe me, all of them are interesting! If you happen to visit Batu, you should (or you’ll regret later) spend a day in Jawa Timur Park 2. 

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Beijing Zoo

Going to the zoo has always been exciting for me. No matter how many animals they got in there, I just love walking around and taking a closer look of the animals.

I remember my first zoo visit in my hometown, Jambi. The zoo is really badly maintained. I’m not even sure if there is any maintenance. It’s like you would think that the zoo will be closing really soon. They only got several animals, like elephants, Sumatran tigers, ostrich, some snakes, monkey, and a couple of wild boar. And I don’t even know why they put some pigs in there. It’s like, pig is not even a rare animal, is it?Lanjutkan membaca “Beijing Zoo”