Mini Travel Guide : Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Have you ever heard about Batu? It’s a small city in East Java, Indonesia I never even imagined myself going to. So how did I get there?

Here’s the story.

Last summer, Fred & I spent our 2 months internship in Bali. And during our way back to Bandung, we stopped by Batu city and thought it would be great to explore Batu a lil bit more since the city looks so interesting.

So, here I am, picking out the highlights of Batu city and sharing them to you guys. I hope this travel guide helps you.

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Highland Hideaway : Puncak, Indonesia

For those who are looking for a quick hideaway from the crowded city, Jakarta, perhaps Puncak (means Peak) is one of the choice you have. This place has a beautiful view of tea plantation, botanical gardens, some small theme park for kids, and local restaurants which is good enough for those who are starving. Well, people said, Puncak is a little piece of paradise in West Java. It used to be actually. Not until people are beginning to throw trashes everywhere and brings too many member of their families every weekend so that Puncak is always wayyy too crowded every weekend.Lanjutkan membaca “Highland Hideaway : Puncak, Indonesia”