I Quit My Job (And Now What?)

Yep…. You read it right.

It’s been two months since I resigned from my 8 to 5 job as a software developer and now I bake and decorate cakes for a living (go check https://www.instagram.com/bakemorecakes/ to see my works! 🙂 ). Sometimes I write too. And so far, it’s the best two months ever. Fred even mentioned about how I never complain about anything anymore, that I was never in a bad mood, and that I made the right choice.

I’m happy that I was brave enough to quit. Although I’m not sure how well I’ll be doing next, but at least I know that that kind of job is not what I want in life.When you hate what you’re doing, you slowly kills your creativity, you know.

I was still on my third month of probation on my job when I planned about quitting it. It’s not because of the workload. It’s not about the place, it’s about me. I just knew from the start that I didn’t want this. I didn’t know how I managed to stick with it until about a year and a half, but somehow I did it. Thanks to the monthly salary that made me feel secure.

But now I got to be picky because I can’t turn back time and I hate to feel sorry for myself later. I knew from the start that if I chose not to stick to that career, people will talk. Although I’m not really sure about it, but this is a small city, and there’s no way people not gonna talk about anything. “Oh, she went to one of those top universities in Indonesia and now she sells cake, in a small town, Jambi? What was on her mind?” That… doesn’t sound really impressive, right? That some random people will be eligible to “sell cake”. Yeah but whatever.


So right after I quit, I started taking a lot of cake orders. I didn’t really set any limit of how many cakes I should be making in a day because I wanted to push myself to my limit. That first month was hard. I ended up taking too many orders. There was one time that I have to stay late at night until 12 or something because of my bad time management. And there were some that I messed up. All because I took too many orders. Now I limit it to be strictly 3 cakes per day, with some short holidays in between. Things are going a little bit slower, just the way I enjoy it. And I’m really happy that I get to pick what I want to do and ignore the rest. Like if I want a holiday, I can just go. And when I’m back at home, I’ll be baking another cake.


Oh, I almost forget to mention that I don’t have any assistant right now. And I’m not planning to have one at the moment because I don’t think I’m ready to settle down. Well, I don’t want to settle down, really.

But yeah, I’m not sure what to do next. Maybe travel a little bit more? Who knows. But right now, I really feel light and free. (I even have the time and energy to exercise a bit more!!! Like, 3 times a week). And I’m now pretty excited about my future. It’s just nice to you know, wake up every day knowing that you’re standing on your own feet without having anyone to report to, or anyone telling you what to do. It’s a rocky road but it’s worth it. *spreading positivity*

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I don’t even know my I wrote this… Just my scattered mind. Maybe I’ll write more about life, what do you think?


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36 Komentar

  1. You go girl! It’s tough to follow your dream and do what you REALLY wanna do and block out people’s negativity all at the same time. Sometimes you’re like “oh I’ll stay here for another year because the salary is good…” then you stay another year and another year and before you know it you’ve stayed there all of your adult life and didn’t get the chance to explore the things out there more fitted for you. So GO YOU!

    1. YESSSS, and you know what, what’s worse is that the negativity mostly comes from our own family and relatives. Being able to finally ignore all of them really makes me feel a lot lighter. *asik ga usa diet lagi kalo gitu*

      Thanks for the encouraging words!!! Those are exactly what I need right now.

  2. Oh, she went to one of those top universities in Indonesia and now she sells cake, in a small town, Jambi? What was on her mind?

  3. nice decoration sharon! i think it will be the next it thing nih di bandungg.. hehehe.. anyway.. kita masih muda.. pursue everything that you want to pursue, drpd nyesel nanti pas tuaa.. eheheh.. anyway kan udah dewasa enuf to think if its good apa nggak.. hehe.. semangat yaa!! this one im talking to myself as well.. ahahha

    1. Thank youuuu Jen!! Eh tapi aku di Jambi loh bikin kue nya, bukan di Bandung. Hehe. Moga2 aja bisa expand ke bdg yahhh. Yes, setuju! Yang penting coba semua nya dulu, kl ga dicoba jg ga bakal tau kita suka nya apa kan 😉 Selagi masih bisa coba2.

      *talking to myself juga*

      Semangat for both of us! 🙂

  4. Tiba2 pengen main ke blog Sharon dan ternyata sekarang udh jadi full time baker yaa. So excited to hear that 😆 i graduated earlier this year and i’m currently on my first “real job”. While I’m sure 9-5 jobs are not for me, working independently frightens me because of the uncertainty :’) keberanian km buat resign dan pursue hal yg membuat km senang itu bikin kagum bangeet. Sukses yaa! 💕 Kuenya keliatan enak2

  5. Hi ci sharon … aku suka banget blog mu so inspiring . I hope i could find a passion like yours .. salam kenall 😄😄😄

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