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One Day in Hong Kong Disneyland

This post is about my latest trip to Hong Kong last May. It’s a pity that I didn’t take that many photos of the city, but instead, I found myself busy taking pictures of every side of Disneyland. Perhaps because it was the highlight of my trip. Like, it’s one of those days when you feel super happy all the time. Like, you don’t get tired, or bored, or angry. You’re just… happy.

As the 90s kids, I grew up with Mickey Mouse and Disney princesses. (And Tom&Jerry too). So being able to be at the happiest place on earth, to me, was like a years-long dream come true.

Oh, this post is not about tips and tricks or whatsoever. You can easily google it if you want. This one is just bunch of my photos that I’d like to share. So, enjoy!

Hongkong Disneyland

The main gate of Hongkong Disneyland

Hongkong Disneyland

It was 9 in the morning but the sun decided to shine brighter than usual

Hongkong Disneyland Ticket

We couldn’t hold in our excitement any longer, so we immediately head to the counter to print our ticket. We bought it online days before.

Hongkong Disneyland Ticket

And… we got our ticket printed. Time to have some fun!

Trip to Hongkong Disneyland

Even the grass looks pretty here

Hongkong Disneyland Inside

This pretty building over here happens to be the main train station. Yes, there’s a train in Disneyland which will take you from one land to another.

Hongkong Disneyland Travel Blog

Hongkong Disneyland Travel Blog

Hongkong Disneyland Main Street USA

This part of the park is called the “Main Street U.S.A”

Hongkong Disneyland Blog

Hongkong Disneyland Blog Story

First time hongkong disneyland

Disneyland Travel Blog

how to go to hongkong disneyland

Hongkong Disneyland

Travel to disneyland hongkong

Disneyland in Asia

Hongkong Disneyland Story

Hongkong Disneyland Travel Blog

train inside hongkong disneyland

Queuing for a train ride

Fantasy Land Disneyland

And we arrived at Fantasy Land, which is dominated with pink.

Disneyland Fantasy Land Hongkong

Hongkong Disneyland






Then we walked randomly and found ourselves in Toy Story Land. It’s one of my favorite part of the park! It feels like you are the toy here since everything is made in a big size.

Toy Story disneyland hongkong

toy story in disneyland

See that tennis ball? It’s H.U.G.E

Toy story disneyland

Or that ruler?

disneyland hongkong toy story land

disneyland hongkong toy story land

Or those LED light?


Hongkong Disneyland Toy Story area

Toy story disneyland hongkong

Look at that human size sarge!

Hongkong Disneyland Travel Blog

Hongkong Disneyland Toy Story Land

Disneyland Hongkong

Huge Straw!

Hongkong Disneyland Blog

Toy story in disneyland

Disneyland in Asia

What a cute toilet sign!

Toy Story Disneyland Hongkong

Okay, now moving on to the next land, which is.. Adventure Land! This is basically where Tarzan home is. It’s a beautiful jungle.

Tarzan Land in Disneyland Hongkong

Tarzan Land in Hongkong Disneyland

Tarzan House Disneyland

Tarzan House

This is my favorite part of Adventure Land. You see the river and the colorful trees on the right? We took a boat ride in this river. It was very amusing. I think mainly it was because of the guide – he’s funny.

Adventure Land Hongkong Disneyland

Hongkong Disneyland Blog

Hongkong Disneyland

We go to hongkong disneyland

One of the best parts is that we get to buy ice cream, just when we felt so tired and hot. It was a very hot day, really. So ice cream definitely helped.

Snack at hongkong disneyland

ice cream at disneyland

hongkong disneyland

hongkong disneyland pictures

What really surprised me is, when we finished having lunch, there was this looooong parade near the castle. We immediately joined the crowds and watched the performance till the end.

Parade Hongkong Disneyland

Let the parade begin!

Hong Kong Disneyland Parade

Hongkong disneyland parade

Can you feel the excitement?

hongkong disneyland parade

disneyland parade firework

hongkong disneyland parade

hongkong disneyland parade

hongkong disneyland parade

hongkong disneyland

hongkong disneyland show

hongkong disneyland fireworks show

disney land princess

disney land cinderella princess

Real-life Cinderella. She’s looking so pretty!

hongkong disneyland princess

hongkong disneyland parade show

disney land firework show

disneyland hongkong firework parade

firework disney land

disneyland parade

disneyland hong kong street show

hong kong disneyland at night

It’s getting dark, and the crowds were getting ready for the firework show

hong kong disneyland at night

And it didn’t stop there. There was another parade. This time, everything is lit up!

disneyland hongkong fireworks

disneyland hongkong night performance

hongkong disneyland night view

hongkong disneyland castle

disneyland castle firework

disneyland firework show


Oh, forget about taking pictures of the firework. They were just too pretty to be missed. So what I did was turning my camera off, and enjoy the night.

It is indeed the happiest place on earth!


Hong Kong Disneyland


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  1. Your first para describes all the feels i get when ever i go to any amusement park- happy as a kid!! thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. now i can’t wait to go there myself 🙂 🙂

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