Kwetiau Ace Jambi

Kwetiau Hance / Atek, Jambi

There must be something really good about this place that I decided to blog about it. YES, it’s my favorite kwetiau ever (you know, that long thinly sliced rice cake). It’s one of those must-eat food when I’m back to my hometown, Jambi.

Finding the best kwetiau is a struggle. It’s like finding love. I’ve tried several places, both halal and non-halal. And obviously, the non-halal one has this thicker and more intense flavour. You just can’t beat the flavor of lard.

If you’re coming to Jambi, for a short business trip or family trip or whatsoever, make sure to try this one out. But please note that just like any other kwetiau stall, they are not that consistent with their cooking. Sometimes I got my kwetiau super super rich in flavor, but sometimes when they got a lot of orders in, it came out not as flavorful because they have to cook like, a lot of plate at once. But still, you gotta try this. If you’re not satisfied with your first meal, give them a second chance. #BigFanOfKwetiauAce #Fanatic



My tips is, is come later at 9 PM as they tend to have less customers. Or early at 5 PM will do.

Kwetiau Ace / Hance / Atek Jambi

What makes this kwetiau so unique is that they still use charcoal for cooking. I heard that it’s the only place left in Jambi which still use charcoal for cooking kwetiau / bihun / noodle. I don’t know what difference does it make, though. And, they use dumpling for the condiment. Just one freaking tasty dumpling. I used to save it for the last. It’s that tasty.

Check out this short video. You’ll know what I mean.


Notice that bright red thick chilli paste? That’s what Jambi is famous about. I mean, not famous famous. But it’s one of those things that makes Jambi dishes better. And you’ll find it hard to have this kind of chilli in Jakarta, or anywhere.


Kwetiau Ace / Hance / Atek. This place is run by several uncles (like 4 or 5), so people got confused of how to call this place. I used to call it “Kwetiau Ace”.

The location on Google Map is not very accurate, it’s at the opposite side of the road of the pinned map. The easiest thing you can do, is to go to “Simpang Talang Banjar”, and go find ASE Tour & Travel. Kwetiau Ace is located just exactly beside that travel agent.

Address : Jalan Orang Kayo Hitam (Sebelah Tour ASE, di simpang Talang Banjar).

What to order?

Kwetiau!!! Although they do sell another dish like Bihun, Noodle, Fried Rice, and even Cap Cay, I noticed that most people go there for their kwetiau. I noticed a lot of take aways too. So yeah, for the first timer, go for their kwetiau.


For the kwetiau? Rp 20k / portion, can you believe it? #yestolocalfood
Expect the same price for other dish.


Come later at 9 PM or early at 5 PM. They tend to have less customers which results in more consistent flavorful cooking.


I’m such a regular loyal customer here – I even blog about. I think my love for Kwetiau Ace is eternal ❤ 


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