Ice and Bean Jambi

Ice and Bean, Jambi

It was a hoooot hot day yesterday and I craved for something cool, something sweet and icy. I knew this place called Ice and Bean in Talang Banjar, Jambi. But never got a chance to visit it myself. I mean, I rarely crave for shaved ice, so… You won’t find me posting something dedicated to shaved ice that often.

Anyway, we later found that this place serve only food made from homemade ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colouring added. (Feeling relieved, huh?). You’ll find out more about it SOON! Keep reading 😉

Ice and Bean Jambi

Ice and Bean Jambi

Ice and Bean is famous for its Red Bean Ice, and I can see why – the red bean is so fragrant, and they serve it with black glutinous rice, homemade sweet cassava (cassava or potato?? I can’t remember) balls, and palm sugar. And the shaved ice itself got red bean flavour in it, which was made from real red beans! I totally forgot to take a good pic of the Red Bean Ice, but here’s the unique one. Watermelon Ice.

Watermelon Ice – IDR 22k

Ice and Bean Jambi
Pouring the homemade creamer


Same thing goes with this ice. The shaved ice itself got watermelon flavour in it. I think they made it from frozen watermelon, or frozen watermelon smoothies or something. It was served with aloe vera, Nata de Coco, basil seeds, and home made creamer. 

Unlike many other shaved ice stalls here in Jambi, they use only homemade toppings, with not-so-generous amount of sugar, so it’s not overly sweetened. No wonder my mom & dad love it so much. And they don’t use any artificial colouring, flavouring, and sweetener either.

Steamed Sung Kue (Recommended!) – IDR 19k

Choi Pan jambi
Some call it Sun Pan, some call it Choi Pan

Aside from their large variety of shaved ice (coconut, corn, jasmine, milo, soya, and many many more. They do have 12 flavours in total), they also serve this so called Finger Food. We spotted french fries, spring roll and wan tan (which are air-fried, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!) in the menu. But we opted for their Steamed Sung Kue, which I usually call Sun Pan, or Choi Pan.

dimsum jambi
Dip dip dip!

It has bengkoang (or also known as jícama), carrots, and mushroom in it. And I do love the fact that they put a generous amount of fried garlic on top of it. #teamgarlic

Dip it into the homemade chili sauce, and you’re good to go.

Nutty Toast Cube – IDR 29k

Ice and Bean Jambi

Time for more dessert. This toast cube right here was served with a BIG scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, nutella and peanut butter all over the plate plus crushed oreo, and not to mention, salted caramel sauce. *YOUR GUILTY FEELING STARTS HERE*

The toast cube itself was not toasted the way it is – it was toasted in a smaller chunks to make sure that it is evenly toasted – and then they assemble it to become a big giant cube. What’s inside is some amount of smaller cubes. I dipped it into the nutella – peanut butter – oreo, and also into the ice cream. Yum.

Chrysanthemum Tea (plain / sweet) – IDR 16k / 19k

Ice and Bean Jambi
Brewed from real Chrysant flowers

Oh I adore when someone make tea from real flowers, not from those ready-to-go tea bags. Such a sweet ending for our snack time.

Fredric Sanjaya

We really enjoy our time here, thank you for the hospitality! We MUST come back for the steamed sung kue anytime SOON. Really can’t get enough of it. 


Ice and Bean
Instagram : @iceandbean
Facebook : Ice & Bean
Opening hours : 1 pm – 10 pm
Phone : +62 811-745-3001
Location : Talang Banjar, just at the opposite side of Christine Bakery. (Near Mall Lippo Plaza)
Price range : IDR 6k – 29k


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