Sonoma Resto Bandung

Sonoma Resto Bandung

It’s that time of the year again! I can’t believe December, my favorite month, is about to come to an end and that Christmas is just a few days away! I don’t know why, but there’s always something about Christmas that excites me. The Christmas tree, the tiny blinking lights, the sparkling decorations, the bells, the songs, well, basically everything about Christmas is just so heartwarming.

There’s also something about Christmas I have always been waiting for : THE CHRISTMAS DINNER! For you, people living in Bandung, you might wanna check this newly opened restaurant out for your Christmas Dinner. It’s Sonoma Resto!

The name Sonoma itself was inspired from Sonoma city back in California, because you know, the shape of the house and the garden here sort of remind the owner of the house in Sonoma city. I myself have never been to Sonoma city but I can sort of imagine the neighborhood from the owner’s story.

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Sonoma Resto offers you a nice outdoor garden seating and also the indoor one. Since this place is more like a house, there are several rooms inside and each room has a different theme of decoration.

Sonoma Resto
I’ll be happily waiting here!

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Sonoma Resto Bandung

One of my favorite spot here is this lovely tea table with the flowery chairs. I’m not sure somebody will sit here though, since it’s located just in the middle of people’s attention, like everyone can easily see you when they enter the restaurant.

Sonoma Resto Bandung
Enough with the pics, let’s just go straight to the food!

Bitterballen (IDR 32k)

Sonoma Resto Bandung Food

Dutch style Bitterballen with honey mustard. I’m soooooo happy with what I got here. This bitterballen simply has a nice mixture of potato, cheese, meats, and the other seasonings. And it was deep fried and served hot. I even burnt my tongue for not waiting any longer to eat these! This thing just made me even more hungry.

BBQ Chicken Salad (IDR 45k)

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Then, we opted for this BBQ Chicken Salad. A big plate of this salad consists of grilled chicken, mixed greens, mandarin orange, some slices of almond, cucumber, tomato, and balsamic dressing.

You know I’m not fan of veggies. But the grilled chicken here definitely played a big roles in the flavor! Plus, the mandarin orange was so refreshing, and has that sweet and sour kind of taste. The balsamic dressing tasted like… a plain oil and vinegar but it is a lit bit sweet. It added a nice flavor to the veggies!

New Yorkers (IDR 74k)

Sonoma Resto Bandung

And here’s the big meal. Sirloin Steak with Parmesan Fries, Sauteed Vegetables, and Garlic Butter on top of the meal. The meat itself comes in a big size, and it was grilled until, i don’t know, medium well? But it was clearly cooked to my level of perfection. It’s thick, juicy, and flavorful. I hope this deal remains at Sonoma Resto as I’ll be returning for more!

Salmon Envelope (IDR 92k)

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Steamed Salmon with Garlic Butter, Sauteed Vegetables, and Mashed Potatoes.

You know, I’m a big fan of salmon. Any kind of salmon will do : baked, grilled, fried, steamed, and even raw. This is the steamed one and it was served with garlic butter. You can’t really taste the butter and the garlic as it’s not that strong. But who needs other seasoning if you got salmon?

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Even better, it was served together with this mashed potato. I’m so glad that I didn’t ask them to substitute it with fries as it turned out to be one of the best mashed potato I’ve eaten so far! It was nicely seasoned with salt and cheese without them overpowering the whole flavor of the potato itself.

Sonoma Wine Ice Cream (IDR 38k)

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Ever heard of Wine Ice Cream before? Me neither. I was quite surprised when they served this. I didn’t notice it was wine, but when I tasted it, I was like : “Hmm. I know this flavor! What is it? It’s familiar but I can’t recall”. And then my friend did the same thing and shout : “It’s wine!!!”.

So yes, this homemade ice cream was made from a mixture of white and red wine, and it’s made in a small batches as they concern about the quality. You would’t want to miss this.

Sonoma Signature Chocolate (IDR 32k)

Sonoma Resto Bandung

Panna Cotta has become a somewhat popular dessert here these last few years. And for some reason, shame on me, I’ve never even had one.

Didn’t I mention that this dessert is simply a bliss? It got me hooked from the first bite. Belgian Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta. I know that Panna Cotta is usually vanilla. But this one is made for you, chocolate lovers! *high five*


I was quite impressed with everything I had at Sonoma Resto! The food and the service was simply great. And I hope this will help you in choosing where to go out for your Christmas dinner, which is just a few days left! OH IT’S 23rd ALREADY!

Psst. They do have a catering service!

Sonoma Resto
Jl. Bengawan no.33. Bandung.
Reservation : 022-9339-8800 / 022-710-8287
BBM : 26FF6564
Twitter : @sonomaresto
Facebook : Sonoma Restaurant Catering


email :



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  1. lexyleksono berkata:

    Wow, they look so delicious. I will spend Christmas holidays in Lembang, hopefully I’ll have a chance to visit this restaurant. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rodolfo berkata:

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  3. Ya ampuuun tempatnya caakeeep ^o^… Langusng bingung apa bkl datangin tempat ini juga utk sabtu besok ;p secara list resto yg aku bikin udh lumayan bnyk hihihihi…hanya sehari di bandung, luar biasa kalo aku bisa dtangin semua.. tapi sonoma ini bnr2 tempting jugaa 😀

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