Two Hands Full, Bandung

Two Hands Full Coffee

I am always on the hunt for good coffee, but living in Bandung left me a very limited choices – I mean, compared to Bali and Jakarta. I did tried Two Cents Brew Believer several weeks ago and was completely happy for the coffee they offer.

But then another place attracts me. Yup, it’s Two Hands Full. Well, I used to get Two Cents and Two Hands Full mixed up.

Anyway, Two Hands Full was opened around the end of 2013. And since then, I’ve always heard the buzz about this place from friends and people on Instagram. A friend of mine once told me about this place. They serve the best coffee in town, he said. And he’s true!

I did visit Two Hands Full for brunch yesterday with some friends, and was really really surprised of the quality of the coffee and foods they serve. It was…. delightful!

You know, from the outside, this place is not inviting at all. I mean, it doesn’t have a catchy signboard. And the signboard itself is not that obvious. It doesn’t have any unique decoration. What it has is a parking lot full of cars and motorbikes. That’s what it has.

Two Hands Full

But stepping in, you’ll be surprised of how warm it feels inside. It does look like a garage or a warehouse which later turned into a coffee shop. An unfinished coffee shop to be exact. But it’s lovely! And the yellow lighting makes it even more warm and cozy.

Anyway, I find the concept of this place is pretty similar with Chye Seng Huat coffee shop in Singapore, don’t you think?

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Who would have thought it’s so cozy inside?

The brewing station and the cashier lays just in the middle of the room – the busiest part of the shop after the kitchen. We make order at the cashier, and pay for our foods, then the staffs will bring our food to our table.

It was fully packed with hungry people that morning, so it took a pretty long time for our foods to finally come.

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung


Now let’s go straight to the foods! It’s time to dig in!

Coffee + Milk 5oz (IDR 25k)

Two Hands Full Coffee

It’s interesting that they don’t name the coffee with its usual name, like latte, cappuccino, or, well you name it. Instead, they simply call it Espresso + Other Ingredients. As for my cappuccino, they name it Espresso + Milk. Just exactly how Chye Seng Huat name its drink! Ha!

Two Hands Full Coffee

This is TOO GOOD. Like, seriously. It was creamy and strong. And somehow, it does have this sour taste of a coffee. And besides, I found no sugar added to my coffee – which makes it perfect! Wouldn’t resist to have a second cup of course!

Matcha Latte (IDR 25k)

Two Hands Full Bandung

This was my friend’s and I didn’t take a sip of it. But look at that! I can tell it has a strong matcha flavor.

Espresso + Water (IDR 20k)

Coffee Two Hands Full Bandung


For those who needs more kicks from the caffeine, you might wanna try this one. Yes, it’s Americano. There are 2 kind of beans available here, Sumatra bean and Toraja I guess (sorry I forgot what the other bean was).

Big Brekky (IDR 55k)

Two Hands Full Bandung

As for the food, I chose Big Brekky. I’m always a big fans of English Breakfast kind of meal. This one comes with sourdough toast, a biiig pork sausage, spinach (is it spinach?), eggs, sauteed mushroom and tomato, and of course, the best part is… the bacon.

I’m so happy that they use the real bacon here. Not a beef which pretends to be bacon. Like, it’s a big deal for me.

I can’t complain! Each part of the meal was cooked perfectly. Compared to the same kind of meal in Two Cents, this one’s way more worthy!

Two Hands Full Bandung

Eggs in Hell (IDR 50k)

Two Hands Full Bandung

Eggs cooked in fiery tomato sauce? Yes please! This one’s is egg baked in tomato sauce, with sausage, feta cheese, toasts, and a loooot of leaves. Not sure what kind of leaves is that. Is it basil? Or cilantro? (Thanks to Andrew (see comment below), this leaves called ‘Wild Rocket’! Never heard about it before, though)

For those who love eggs and tomato sauce, this one’s recommended!

Pulled Pork (IDR 50k)

Pulled Pork Two Hands Full Bandung

Super soft and rich brioche. Sweet and tender pulled pork. Chopped red cabbage. Lovely sauce. And plus, crispy and savory fries. Yum! It comes in a HUGE PORTION! How’s that sound to you?

Two Hands Full Bandung

Two Hands Full Bandung

I’m soooo happy that we did come to this place. It’s a great place to hang out with friends. It play great music, it cook great foods, and the on top of that, it brew perfect coffee.

What else can I ask for?

Two Hands Full definitely worth a repeat visit! 

Andrianto Hartono, Arvin Tantra, Yeska Kedna

Sharon Loh - Arvin Tantra

Yeska Kedna - Sharon Loh - Arvin Tantra - Andrianto Hartono


Two Hands Full
Sukajadi 206, Bandung 40161
Mon – Thu : 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri – Sun   : 8:00 am – 12:00 am
WIFI                  : YES
Credit Card         : YES
Ourdoor Seating : YES
Reservations      : NO
Menu                 : Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee


email :

23 Komentar

    1. Hi, Bu Cathy! Thanks! 🙂
      Boleh dong. Yes, all the customers are locals. I didn’t spot any foreigners that morning.
      Unfortunately, I don’t think the provide Indonesian kind of food, except for the coffee. They do sells Sumatra coffee.

  1. Hello there,thanks for amazing review.
    We serve 2kinds of single origin beans which are Sumatra Silimakuta and Toraja Sapan,but the Toraja has been changed with Blue Batak (u should try!) . Uhm u are correct about the Eggs in Hells leaves thingy ,its Cilantro / Corriander leaves. Thank you for visiting us! See you again next time. xoxo

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