Celebrating FIFA World Cup 2014 in McDonald’s

McSpicy Peri Peri Deluxe

Believe me, I’m not a kind of person who would normally go to the nearest McDonald’s store to grab my lunch. I would probably think twice before putting Big Mac into my mouth, just because I’m on diet.

But then, this thing caught me. You know that FIFA World Cup 2014 begins on June 12 right? And just exactly at this precise moment, McDonald’s Indonesia offers a special menu for you FIFA World Cup fans out there. It’s called McSpicy SAMBA Fiesta. Sounds a lot like Brazil – related huh? I know.. I know..

Anyway, McSpicy SAMBA Fiesta basically consists of McSpicy Peri-Peri Deluxe which is a burger – a big one I can say, Brazilian Salsa Shaker Fries which is fries with seasoning, and Guava Fizz, the refreshing drink.

McSpicy Peri Peri Deluxe

Boneless crispy spicy chicken with cheese, tomato, fresh lettuce, and of course, a special peri peri sauce. How’s that sound to you? For me it sounds perfeito!

It tasted a bit spicy. You know, I came from Sumatra where spicy means…. spicy, literally. This kind of spicy won’t beat me, of course. In fact, I kinda enjoy the kick from the seasoning as it’s just perfect for a burger – I don’t need to add extra chilli sauce anymore yay!

World Cup 2014 Menu McDonald Indonesia

Now, about the peri peri sauce. You know, when I first heard about “peri peri”, I thought it stands for “fairies” since “peri” means “fairy” in Indonesia. So I assumed it’s kind of magical kind of sauce? Nah. It’s actually a traditional sauce used for seasoning or even marinating in Portuguese and South Africa. It’s made of crushed chillies (so that’s why the sauce is spicy!), onion, garlic, pepper (this add more kicks to the spiciness), lemon juice, etc etc etc. I don’t know exactly what one need to make peri peri sauce. But this was my first time eating peri peri sauce and I LOVE it. It just blend well with the fried chicken. Delicioso!

Now, about the fries. Erm, wait. Before we dig in, you might wanna know that if McDonald’s Fries create a fans club, I’ll be one of those who’ll join. I don’t know why but McDonald’s fries tasted so good. I’ve been experimenting several times in my kitchen frying potatoes, but none of them turns out to be close enough to McDonald’s fries. Hand’s up!

Now back to business. Brazilian Salsa Shaker Fries calls for a fries with seasoning. There are 2 kinds of seasoning available : Brazilian Salsa and Roasted Beef. My heart goes to Brazilian Salsa this time, just because it sounds sexier. But I’ll definitely try Roasted Beef later!

Brazilian Salsa Fries McDonald

When we buy Shaker Fries, we will get a plain french fries with a sachet of seasoning of our choice plus a paper bag – as a fries shaker.

McDonald Shaker Fries


To make one like this, just simple toss the fries and the seasoning together into the paper bag, and shake it until you think it’s well blended. It only takes a couple of sec anyway.

McDonald Shaker Fries

This so called Brazilian Salsa Shaker Fries got me! It’s salty and a bit (just a bit) spicy at the same time. Don’t you dare put your little fingers in my fries bag. It’s all mine!

Now about the drink.

Guava Fizz McDonald

You know that coke makes you bloated right? And Sprite tasted too sweet for me. But this one is a good choice! Guava Fizz. It’s basically a soda with ice, guava syrup, and some jelly. What a perfect drink for a spicy burger. If you don’t like Guava, they also have another flavor : Raspberry!

Drooling yet? What are you waiting for? Bring a couple of friends to the nearest McDonald’s store you can find and support your favorite team! And oh! You might also wanna know that this special World Cup Menu is only available until July 13 2014 which is… the last day of the match!


McDonald also create a World Cup Mobile Augmented Reality Game you can easily download in App Store and also Google Play. Just simply search for the term “McDonald’s GOL!” and you’ll be there. Psst, you can also take a picture of yourself with World Cup Trophy (of course it’s not the real one) in any McDonald’s store.

Forget your diet for a while, and….



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10 Komentar

  1. cerita4musim berkata:

    aku udah 6 bulanan kali gak makan Mc Donald 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahaha wah lama banget! Ini aku juga makan setelah berbulan2 puasa McD. Tapi ga sampe 6 bulan siih.

  2. otidh berkata:

    Boleh dicoba nih kapan-kapan sambil nobar. Ada di semua cabang McD kan ya harusnya?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Cobain deh! Cuma sampe 13 July loh menu nya 😉
      Yup harusnya ada di semua cabang McD.

  3. uuuh i’m so getting this burger right now

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Mcd Simpang deket tuh nit :9

  4. wuwutina berkata:

    I miss those shaker fires!! They don’t have it in the states. I always had that when i was living in Hong Kong !

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Ah, I’ve always wanted to go to the states! And yes, those shaker fries are soooo addicting!

      1. wuwutina berkata:

        U should 🙂 a lot to do and food to try here

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