A Day Well Spent – Hakone Area, Japan

Owakudani Valley

Remember about my last trip in downtown Tokyo a month ago? Well, aside from the busy & crowded Tokyo, now we’re heading southwest to an area called Hakone

Imagine this : a blue sky, a lake with Mt. Fuji at the backgrounda red shrine gate, and of course, the mountainous scenes. That what makes Hakone area one of the most popular resorts in Japan, I think.

Our first stop was the Shinto Shrine. There are 2 types of ‘temple’ in Japan. It’s either the Shinto Shrine or the Buddhist Temple. Well, Shinto Shrine can be easily recognize by its red gate, though.

Some shrines does have several gates which located on the way to the shrines. It somehow leads us to the shrine. This was the 3rd gate of the shrines. Well, perhaps you shouldn’t really trust me. I kinda forget if it’s the 3rd or the 4th or the 5th.. or….. But anyway, we’re so close to it!

Hakone Shrine
The 3rd Gate of Hakone Shrine

Shinto Shrine Hakone

Ice Cream Stall Hakone
An ice cream stall in front of the shrines

We didn’t spend much time at the shrine since we have a cruise to catch. Yes, you heard me right.

Remember about the lake I mention before? It’s Ashinoko or Ashi Lake. 

Ashi Lake Hakone Japan

Sharon Loh Ashi Lake Hakone

Ashi Lake Hakone

There are a number of boats and even ferries crossing the lake. The one we took was a Pirate Ship. Yes, Pirate. You can check out the schedules and fares here. The ship took us from Moto-Hakone port to Togendai port.

Pirate Ship Hakone

Pirate Ship Hakone

We managed to enjoy the scenery of Lake Ashi from the deck of the ship. And you know, if the weather is clear enough, you can even have a look of Mt Fuji.

Lake Ashi Cruise

Lake Ashi Cruise

Crossing Lake Ashi reminds me a lot of how I crossed Selat Bali from Java island last summer. The only difference I found is the ship, and well, yeah, the weather. Winter is approaching its end in Japan on early March, but still how can you stand the cold of the strong wind when you’re on the deck of the ship?

We arrived at Togendai after 30 minutes of sailing! Now it’s time for some meal. We had some spaghetti with mushroom (didn’t find something special about it) and a big plate of fresh salads. Can’t refuse not finish it up. It was like.. really…. really… fresh.

Fresh Salad Japan

Mushroom Spaghetti

We continue our trip to Owakudani Valley – an active volcanic valley, still in Hakone area. We saw Mt. Fuji from up there! Yes, we were lucky enough as the weather get worse just 10 minutes later and the Mt. Fuji was like… gone. It’s kinda tricky to catch a picture of it. And I failed miserably.

Owakudani Valley
Sharon – Alif – Amri at Owakudani Valley

The strong wind seems to like us that day. It didn’t stop blowing!

Owakudani Valley
Amri & Irfan at Owakudani Valley
Owakudani Valley Hakone
Ravi – Kholiq – Farah – Amri

Reaching the top of Owakudani Valley is quite easy since they built stairs for it. And it’s just around 1050 meters above sea level.

Owakudani Valley
On our way the top

Owakudani Valley

Sharon Loh at Owakudani Valley

Owakudani Valley

Owakudani Valley

There’s one more thing you should about Owakudani Valley. It’s that it is popular for its Black Egg. It was actually just a boiled chicken egg. But the water itself contains sulfur and iron. That what makes it black then I supposed. Locals believe it can lengthen your life for another 7 years – which is quite silly for us. So we decided not to buy some.

Instead, we bought some Tamago Ice Cream – a soft ice cream made from the egg yolk custard. Yum!

Tamago Ice Cream
Tamago Ice Cream
Tamago Ice Cream
Irfan – Amri – Sharon having Tamago Ice Cream

It’s been such a great pleasant escape from the busy Tokyo. And a great day well spent with great friends too!

I found that there are still another part of Hakone to be explored. People usually stay there for 2 or 3 nights. So I guess I’m gonna come back next time ^^

email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com

26 Komentar

  1. DebbZie berkata:

    oww…aku beberapa kali baca tentang tamago ice cream ini, tapi belum sempat cobain. It looks creamy and yummy ya *drools*

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Iya kak Deb! Super creamy and thick gitu 😉 Kapan2 kalo nemu cobaiiin 😀

  2. Meidi berkata:

    howaaa ini yg tadi pagi ada di instagrammu toh?
    hihihihi seru bangeet pengalamannya :3
    kapalnya kereeeeennn

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      It is, Mei! Hehehe. Iya kapal nya lucu yaaaaa. Ada patung pirates nya juga tapi aku lupa foto #bodoh

  3. Ncis berkata:

    Keren keren keren … bikin envy nyh. >.<

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Halooo salam kenal ya. Hihi moga2 kapan2 bisa kesana 😉

      1. Ncis berkata:

        Aamiin … keep writing 😉

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Yes it is! And nice weather too.

  4. krisma.adiwibawa berkata:

    I hope someday I can taste tamago ice cream there 🙂

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      I’m sure you will. Tell me what you think once you try it! 😉

  5. The steam coming off the side of the path there is just magical!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Beautiful isn’t it? Too bad my photo is not good enough. Should learn how to capture it in a good way!

      1. Looks alright to me! It’s certainly given me a good impression of the place.

  6. hermitsdoor berkata:

    My family traveled in Japan in 1969, when I was 8 years old. I have fond memories of this. Recently, while visiting my parents, I looked through those photo albums, all black-and-white snap shots.
    I have vague memories of seeing Mt. Fuji, which I am told is rare.
    Enjoy your travels.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      That must be a good feeling, looking at old photos. I can’t wait to come home this summer.
      Have a great weekend!

  7. Haloo Sharon!
    Saya pembaca newbie blog Anda, tapi ko ada foto saya ya?
    Anyway, salam kenal!

    Trus itu “I’m Sharon Loh. An Indonesian student who enjoy sharing the love of traveling, eating, and cooking.” harus di revisi jadi “I’m Sharon Loh. An Indonesian-student-with-GPA-4 who enjoy sharing the love of traveling, eating, and cooking.”

    Haha 😀

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Halo Muhammad! Salam kenal ya.
      Terima kasih sudah mampir di blog saya 😀 Semoga bs jadi penggunjung tetap dan share ke teman2nya.

      Hahahaha bangke lu lip.
      Wah makasih ya sarannya. Akan saya pertimbangkan untuk ganti th deskripsinya 😀

  8. Eko Haryanto berkata:

    Hi Sharon, mantap nih blog dan review kamu waktu baca kerasa banget asyiknya. Previous trip waktu ke hakone, aku ada nyobain telornya, enak juga rasanya BUT highlight of the trip adalah ngeliat Mt. Fuji. Btw next trip kalo ada ke jepang, remember to drop by at Enoshima island buat sunset hunting (ps: sunsetnya one of a kind) dan cobain taco senbei. Selain itu untuk tempat tinggal yg affordable bisa stay di sakura hotel, staffnya ramah dan mereka yang saranin aku untuk ke Enoshima. 😉

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi Eko!

      Wah makasiiih. Seneng deh kalo dibaca orang 🙂
      Ohya? Jadi penasaran sama telornya. Semoga lain kali bisa kesana lagi hehe.

      Wahhh. Never heard about Enoshima island before.

      Makasih rekomendasi nya! Next time kalo kesana pasti coba buat hunting sunsetnya 😀 Dan taco senbei! Hihi.

      Have a great weekend ya.

  9. Trang Nguyen berkata:

    may I ask you a question? after you arrive to TongendAI, how did you get to the Owakudani Valley? just simply walking or did you have to take any buses?

  10. Halida A. berkata:

    Lagi iseng2 main ke blog kamu, terus buka post ini. Dari sebelum ke Jepang aku udh pengen ke Hakone. Tp nyampe sini aku malah ke Kawaguchi & Nikko terus jadi nimbang2 lagi bakal ke Hakone atau engga soalnya ky sama aja hahaha. Galau :’)

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Kyaa dibaca si ruby slippers >,< Aku malah ga tau apa2 tentang Jepang, apalagi Hakone. Kemarin pas lagi student exchange aja diajak kesana. Jadi ngikut deh~
      Ayo kesana lagiiii! Cantik bgt yaaa negaranya :')

  11. Jess berkata:

    Wow, that boat trip looks awesome!

  12. @nurulrahma berkata:

    Resmi jadi blog rujukan traveling akooooh!

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