Refreshing Afternoon at Lembang Highland

Floating Market Lembang

Just exactly last weekend, Fred came by for a short visit. It’s been more than a month (or two?) since we last met. And the fact that he made a plan to visit me last weekend really excites me! There are actually so many places I’m planning to go – mostly are restaurants I never had a chance to visit. But turned out, we visited none of them. We picked random places which is not on my list and all of them turns out to be surprising.

Lembang is one of our destination last weekend. I don’t think we’ll visit Lembang, not this time, since I have no plan where to go in Lembang. The last time we went to Lembang, we spent our day at De Ranch.

It was raining on Saturday afternoon and the weather was like perfect for me and I craved for some satay. I mean, anything, I craved for something grilled. Then I ask Fred if we could have some rabbit satay (yes, rabbit) in Lembang. Fred didn’t give any answer but a strong nod with a wide-opened eyes.

Rabbit Satay
Our rabbit satay is being grilled!

For those of you who might not be familiar with Rabbit Satay, well…. I used to freak out too. I mean, bunnies are cute, right? But hey, they tasted even better than chicken. So… I’m really sorry.

The word satay it self refers to skewered grilled meat, served with sauce. It’s very common to serve it with peanut sauce here. The meat itself could be chicken, beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, or even fish. Anything! If you come to Indonesia, there’s no way you miss this one. Do not ever.

Sate Kelinci
Rabbit Satay, served with peanut sauce

We had this satay beside Karmel, Lembang. We were very surprised that it costs Rp 27,000 for one plate of satay! Indeed it is overpriced, but since the bunnies were already in our happy tummy, there are no other choices than to pay for it.

But hey, the meat was so tender. And the sauce complements the satay perfectly. Craving satisfied!

Bunga Lembang
Some fresh flower for sale

Fredric Sanjaya

We also went to Floating Market in Lembang. It’s a newly opened recreation park in Lembang. There’s a lake there, and the are a lot of people selling foods in a boat. That’s why they call it Floating Market. There are also some facilities for kids, like boat riding, fishing, ATV, and many others. Oh, there is also a rabbit park where you can feed the rabbits!

Floating Market Lembang


The entrance fee is Rp 10,000 / each person and Rp 5,000 for the parking fee. The good thing is, we get a free welcome drink so they don’t just take your Rp 10,000 away. The drink is either hot lemon tea, hot milo, hot cafe latte or hot choco latte. I was interested about the cafe latte but I found that it’s Nescafe instant cafe latte so I assumed it tasted bad enough (for me) so I chose choco latte instead. It tasted pretty much like hot chocolate milk, but not thick enough. Nothing special about it except the warmth it gives.

Floating Market Lembang

I’ve been here once with some friends and I love the cakue they sell here. So, when we visit Floating Market last weekend, I made sure that we have some cakue as well.

Oh Fred loves it as much as I do. You know, cakue is actually some kind of Chinese-style doughnut I guess, or a fried bread stick. You can name it Chinese-Churros if you like. (Sorry!)


But anyway, this cakue is kinda different. It’s a lot thick, and puffy, and bloated. And it doesn’t shrink so easily. If you buy this, you’ll also get a chilli dipping sauce. Don’t worry. It’s not spicy at all. In fact, it tasted a lil bit sour and sweet – which is perfect for cakue!

The only thing I hate about this place is that they don’t accept cash. Instead, you will have to change your money with some tokens. But remember not to buy too much tokens since you can’t refund them. My advice is to walk around, look for the foods they sell, choose the foods you’re interested in buying, ask for the price, and buy the tokens you need. Our cakue was bought using the leftover token from my last visit, so I didn’t buy any this time.

Floating Market Lembang

Floating Market Lembang

It was raining when we reach Floating Market Lembang. We spent our afternoon sitting, eating cakue, talking. We went out for a dinner just right after the rain stops.
What a fine relaxing afternoon.

Tips (for Floating Market Lembang)

  • Don’t buy too much tokens. It’s not refundable.
  • Go late at the afternoon since it might be too hot at 12, and besides, there aren’t much food to choose for lunch. But there are so many kind of snacks to choose from!
  • Don’t forget to exchange your entrance ticket with some free drink.

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    1. Not as fun as it looks, especially when it rains. Anyway I’m not sure which one is the right spelling. Cakue or cakwe. Hahaha. In mandarin, it’s called You Tiao 😉

      Thanks for reading, Kems!

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