Kopi Scooter, Bandung Indonesia

Kopi Scooter Bandung

It was raining heavily outside & I stayed all day at home waiting for the rain to stop. I love watching the rain pouring down. It feels so peaceful & calm. Sitting beside the window while enjoying my hot coffee will always be my favorite thing to do when it’s raining outside. I don’t know why but something about ‘watching the rain fall’ & ‘listening to the drip drop thing‘ makes me feel so powerful & refreshed. I personally love t.

But since I was starving & I have nothing left to be cooked, I decided to walk through the rain to find a nice place to eat. Of course I’m bringing my umbrella. What do you think about a nice Teh Tarik & Kwetiaw Siram for a rainy day? It’s just perfect for me.

Kopi Scooter Bandung

Kopi Scooter Bandung
Old Blue Scooter
Kopi Scooter Bandung
The Venue

And here comes the reason why we’re here.

Kwetiaw Siram
Milk Tea
Teh Tarik

Kopi Scooter is a traditional Singapore Kopitiam which sells Singaporean / Malaysian cuisine. Definitely one of the best kopitiam in town. The price is also affordable.

Price : 
Teh Tarik          IDR 9.000
Kwetiaw Siram   IDR 25.000

Location :
2nd floor of Riau Junction

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