Mini Travel Guide : Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is the country’s second largest city after Ho Chi Minh city. It is where the traditional Vietnamese culture blend with the French, so they said.

This city offers a LOT more than I imagined before. I went there on January 2014. I can’t believe the fact that I’ve been postponing on writing this for nearly a year! So, before these precious memories of mine got lost forgotten, I want to share let’s say, a mini travel guide about where to go, what to do, and what to eat in Hanoi. And not to forget, my bad experience in Hanoi! You’ll find it at the end of this post so keep reading!

I’m not a travel-expert, not even closed to be one. I don’t get to explore every inches of the city, that’s obvious. I just happened to live there, enjoying the city the way I like while I had the chance. So here I present to you, a Mini Travel Guide about Hanoi which, to you, might look just like many other informal travel guide you can easily find on the internet. But hey, mine is a personal one since this one is written based on my own personal experience. So, let’s go! Lanjutkan membaca “Mini Travel Guide : Hanoi, Vietnam”

Signature Cruise at Ha Long Bay

I’ve never imagined myself to be on a cruise. The only place I knew people usually do cruising is in Caribbean – which I believe is quite far from here. I was kinda surprise they have it here in South East Asia! Yes, we did our first cruise at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. It’s around 3 hours drive from Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam.

We booked a 2D1N cruise at Signature Cruise. Well, Fred did it. He took care of all of our tickets, hotels, and many other things. He’s also the one who read the map while we’re walking exploring the city (Hanoi and Saigon). All I’ve got to do is wear my jacket and my shoes since it’s slightly cold there in January. Then I’m ready to go.

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Cheapest and Most Delicious Dishes from Asia

What’s so special about Asia? Apart from smiley faces and low prices (sometimes ridiculously low prices), it’s food! I have been to few countries here (while currently living in China) and would like to show you what the local Asian food looks and tastes like. Every country has its own unique dishes and flavors. From fried rice and spicy sausage rolls, through dumplings and dim sum, to momos and noodles – come with me for a culinary journey around Asia!

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