Cheapest and Most Delicious Dishes from Asia

What’s so special about Asia? Apart from smiley faces and low prices (sometimes ridiculously low prices), it’s food! I have been to few countries here (while currently living in China) and would like to show you what the local Asian food looks and tastes like. Every country has its own unique dishes and flavors. From fried rice and spicy sausage rolls, through dumplings and dim sum, to momos and noodles – come with me for a culinary journey around Asia!

Diced chicken with hemp pepper rice, China.

Rice, meat and spicy herbs is a typical Sichuan meal. You will get a plate of fried chicken or pork meat, any kind of veggies and a bowl of sticky pepper rice. This yummy meal can be found not only in China, but also in Macau and Hong Kong and costs around $1,5 a portion.

Asian dishes
Enjoying diced chicken with hemp pepper rice in one of local restaurants in Macau

Egg pancakes (Jian bing), China.

Jian bing are usually one of the best and cheapest breakfast options in China. They are served with chives, often filled with mince and extra spiced. They are light and very filling, but certainly don’t taste like our Western pancakes. You will certainly get surprised with their price – 50 cent for a huge one is certainly a deal!

Asian dishes1
Chinese egg pancakes

Yak wraps, Tibet.

If your are a big fan of wraps, as me, you will love the yak meat wraps served with vegetables and garlic sauce! Yak meat tastes like a duck meat, a little chewy and extremely hot! I enjoyed a feast for two for only $5 when in Lhasa.

Yak wraps
Yak wraps

Fried momos, Tibet.

Momos are traditional dumplings (very similar to Chinese jiaozi or baozi) filled with meat or vegetables. You can get them fried or boiled depending on your preferences. They are served with oil and pepper sauce, yummy! The best drink for momos is hot chocolate. The one I had was very nice, milky and sweet, great to start your day! A plate of 5 momos costs around $1.

Fried Tibetan momos

Dim Sum, Hong Kong.

Dim sum are small, bite-sized portions of food that are often served in traditional bamboo steamer baskets. It is often served in three pieces (never four because this number brings bad luck). The food can be cooked, steamed, fried, baked with shrimp, chicken with pine nuts, spinach and mushrooms or vegetables and rice noodles. You can enjoy a dinner for two for less than $8 in Hong Kong in Dim Sum Square restaurant.

A table stuffed with dim sum

Pho, Vietnam.

Pho is a traditional Vietnamese soup whose ingredients are any kind of thin sliced meat of your choice (chicken, beef, duck), flat rice noodles, fish sauce, fresh veggies and herbs such as lettuce, chili peppers, mint, basil or bean. It can be found anywhere in Vietnam – from street vendors to local restaurants, at any time of the day. The best city to experience the real taste and smell of Pho is definitely Hanoi and it costs only $2! The Pho is a great breakfast or lunch option. It’s very filling and will definitely warm you up!

Vietnamese pho

Garlic naan bread, India.

Naan, is a leavened oven baked flat bread, usually made in the northern regions of India, although it is known to be served in most Indian restaurants in the country and all over the world. Naan may be made in different flavors from spices, herbs to whatever you can think of, but the one I loved the most was garlic naan bread. It was fresh and so yummy. Definitely worth its price – $1 for 2!

Garlic naan bread

As you can see, Asian cuisine has a lot to offer. Whether you are a meat or veggies lover or have sweet tooth, you can certainly find something filling, healthy and delicious for yourself!

About The Author

Agness Walewinder

Agness is a Polish travel blogger who has been travelling and living in different Asian countries since 2011. She is well known for travelling the world for less than $25 per day and she shares her tricks and tips with the readers of her blog called Moreover, she is a food lover obsessed with Chinese cuisine, yoga passionate, life enthusiast and photography freak.

16 Komentar

  1. Great post Agness! I miss dim sum, and homemade pho a lot – so glad they made it on to your list! Yak meat sounds very interesting to.. will have to try that one day.

    1. agnesstramp berkata:

      Thank you Lily. If you enjoyed Vietnamese pho you will love the yak meat and Tibetan vegetable noodle soup as well!

    2. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Ah Dim Sum is one of my favorite things to have for breakfast! Yum.

      Have never eat pho before. So happy that I’ll be heading to Vietnam in a week, and I’ll definitely check Pho out! 🙂

  2. agnesstramp berkata:

    Thank you so much sweetie for having me here. I really miss these dishes right now and my stomach’s crumbling!!!!! 🙂 Wish I had some yak wraps, they were so so good and cheap!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      And thank you for the amazing post! You’ve successfully makes me hungry. I was about to skip my dinner, but I failed miserably.
      I’ve never had Yak Wraps before. Would love to try someday! 😀

  3. Franca berkata:

    I’m reading this post at the right time, BREAKFAST! I’d love to try the Fried Tibetan momos (vegetarian version), I had the Indian naan so many times, I love it and I can eat it anytime of the day.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      It’s dinner time here! 😀

      I’d also like to try momos someday! Have’t seen people selling it here. Wow I couldn’t agree more about Indian Naan. Tasted sooooo good. I wonder why all the Indian foods I’ve tried before are addictive!

  4. Preeti berkata:

    great post! Naan is my fav! Also the momos are awesome!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Have never tried momos before. But it does look temptinnng!
      Naan is one of my fav too! In fact, I love all Indian foods I’ve tried so far 😉

  5. Yummy!
    Asia is the best place to eat delicious, healthy food on a budget.
    Nothing beats it!!

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Never been out of Asia, so I have no idea how much food normally costs there. But yeah, it’s very affordable here 😉

  6. talker blogger berkata:

    If in India, try the Butter Chicken with the butter Naan …! It’s chicken prepared in rich creamy butter curry .. Yum yum and yum !

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      I loveeee creamy butter curry! Will make sure to have lots of them when I visit India.

      1. talker blogger berkata:

        🙂 sure do try and let me know !! If you visit south India your dish to try will be idlee and dosa with sambhar .. Rice cakes and rice crepes with lentil soup ..

        1. Sharon Loh berkata:

          Wow, all of them sounds unfamiliar to me. Love love love to try new kind of foods!

          1. talker blogger berkata:

            Sure dear .. Give it a try and you might love it !! What’s your favorite type of cuisine ?

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