Love at First Bite, Chiang Mai

Love at First Bite Chiang Mai

Do you believe in love at the first bite? I think you should, as it does exist.

We went here last December, just a couple of days before we left Chiang Mai. And we clearly understand what the fuss is all about.

Before we got to Chiang Mai, I did a little research about where to have nice desserts there (because, I just had to!). This place came up a couple of times and I read a lot of good reviews about it on TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Facebook, and even on some random site.

We didn’t get to try it on our first two (or three) weeks in Chiang Mai. It’s just that, it resides a bit outside of the main tourist area. And if you don’t look for it intentionally, chances are, you won’t find it at all.

Love at First Bite Chiang Mai

Love at First Bite Chiang Mai


It’s not a fancy place. In fact, it looked a little old and I doubted it for a sec before I decided to grab a table for two. It takes place in a garden just in front of someone else’s house. Most likely, it’s the owner’s.


Unlike any other typical cafe, they don’t really pay attention to the design and many other tiny details. No decoration, plushy pillow, no fancy table runner. They even use plastic chairs and plastic table cloth. But still, it feels very homey here. I know it sounds odd.



What they sell, are those classic all time favourite desserts which came out in a big slice. I simply love this place for it. They don’t sell fancy colourful cake, but they do serve good old fashioned dessert you want to keep eating for more.

The classic Strawberry Cheesecake
Key Lime Pie, the winner of my heart

And of course, coffee too. It’s pretty nice.

Love at First Bite Chiang Mai
And of course, coffee to balance the sweetness

We really enjoyed our time here that we spent hours just to eat those two slices of cake and talked about things. This place is simply charming.




TIPS : If you could, save a little more space for ice cream as they do sell ice cream too! I didn’t notice until we were ready to leave the place.

28 Soi 1, Th Chiang Mai-Lamphun, Chiang Mai,Thailand

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  1. Meidi berkata:

    Jadi sebenernya kalo sadar dia jualan es krim dari awal, Sharon masih mau pesenn es krim kann kann? yang di Lello aja ga diabisin hahahahah *lalu ditujes-tujes Syeronn*

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      hahahahahhaa, yang ga habisin kan kamoh!! >,<

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