SATOO Shangri-La Buffet, Jakarta

All You Can Eat Shangri La jakarta

I’ve heard so much about this place even long before I moved to Jakarta. It’s said to be one of the best places for buffet in the city. And you know what? Last month (I think it was last month), Martha from @BaliFoodies called me and said that she’s going to be around in the city the next two week and asked me to join the mini InstaMeet she was about to hold during lunch break at SATOO. I was like, why not?! It would be really lovely if I could join the lunch and meet the other foodies from Jakarta.

So, here I am!

Lucky that it’s not that far from my office, so I could sneak out for lunch (although it turned out that I didn’t manage to come back to the office on time). But, who noticed anyway? 😛

By the way, about SATOO. I found out that they have a large amount of food varieties from Indian, Japanese, Western, Asian, Italian, to Indonesian. And I was kind of confused of what to pick first. But then I came across the Japanese station and got hooked by the color of the fresh sashimi and seafoods.

Where’s my chopstick?

Sushi and Sashimi

At the Japanese station, they have Maki Rolls, Sushi, Sashimi, Fresh Seafood, and White Soba. I love the fact that they do serve it FRESH. The salmon sashimi is.. wonderful. It’s cold, and you got that refreshing sensation from gulping down that piece of pink pleasure. It’s one of life’s greatest joy, for me.

Satoo Shangri La Jakarta

Satoo Shangri La Jakarta

Satoo Shangri La Jakarta


As for the western food, there were roasted lamb, baked fish with butter sauce, and etc. Smells lovely! I was not really in mood for western food, so I skipped this station.

All You Can Eat Shangri La jakarta

Satoo Shangri La


The Chinese Station is also one of my favorite! They have this very delicious Peking Duck and Roasted Pork Belly! You’ve got to trust me, their roasted pork belly is amaaazing. It really is thick, and you got to taste the skin, the fat, and the meat itself. Pleasure is mine.

Chinese Food Satoo jakarta

SATOO Jakarta


Pasta here is lovely! For the pasta itself, they have some choices like prawn ravioli, spinach tortellini, spaghetti, and many many more. I had spaghetti with, I don’t know, a tomato-based sauce (but I’m pretty sure it’s not bolognese).

Pasta Jakarta

All You Can Eat Shangri La jakarta


Time for desserts! Desserts are plentiful and diverse. They have a lot of fancy tiny tiny cakes till Indonesian desserts. I love their tiramisu, choux, and cheese cake. And oh! You don’t want to miss their chocolate fountain.

Satoo Shangri La Jakarta Dessert

Satoo Shangri La Jakarta Dessert

Satoo Shangri La Jakarta Dessert


OOPS, I almost forgot!

You know what? One of their signature dish is this Sop Buntut (oxtail soup). The meat was tender, and the broth was flavorful. It’s just too bad that they didn’t serve the broth hot. Like, it’s just lukewarm to me. I swear I took my photo very quickly so it’s not because of me letting the soup cool down. But flavor wise, I like this one.

All You Can Eat Shangri La jakarta

Sop Buntut Jakarta


P.S : Special thanks to Melanie Wulandari and Adwina Ami for the hospitality. And of course, to Martha Sherman who made this meet up happened. See you when I see you! 


Shangri-La Hotel Ground Floor
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1 Jakarta 10220, Indonesia
Telephone : +62 21 2939 9562
Facebook : Shangri-La Jakarta
Twitter : @ShangriLaJKT
email :

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  1. Leo berkata:

    Seems like real good deal, lots of quality foods there, how’s the price? I don’t think I can try all of them, unless they allow after work revisit :p

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