[ JAMBI ] My Favorite Foods!

Mie Celor Jambi

It’s been 2 years since the last time I went back home to Jambi, my hometown. It was May 2013, if I recall. I kinda missed it, you know, being at home all day & do nothing. So last week, I made an unplanned trip to Jambi. It was very spontaneous, I swear! I just needed to renew my driving licence and I can’t do it elsewhere but in Jambi (yes it sucks), but at least I got a reason for this impromptu trip!

Going back home after years makes me feel good! Everything suddenly seems to be more interesting that it normally was. I ate a lot of local foods I can hardly find here in Jakarta or Bandung. And… I got to spend so much time with my parents. What could be even better, right?

And by the way, since I’m quite bored with my usual restaurant review posts, I decided to make a post about some of my favorite foods in Jambi, with a list of places of where you can have that particular food. Isn’t is awesome?!

Kopi AAA

First thing first, coffee! And what I mean by coffee (this time) is not that fancy latte I usually have at my favorite coffee shop. It’s the local coffee, brewed in a traditional way.

Kopi AAA
Kopi AAA

I like to have my Kopi AAA (it’s the famous local brand of coffee in Jambi) in a Kopitiam. You know, it’s a traditional coffee shop which you can easily find in Southeast Asia. Kopi (in Malay / Indo / Hokkien) means coffee and Tiam (in Hokkien) means shop. They usually sell something like kaya toast, coffee, tea, Milo, and egg. Yes, just like the one usually find in Singapore!

Kopi AAA

Sometimes, I like my coffee with Cakkue! Dip it to the coffee, and eat it right away.

Where to drink Kopi AAA in Jambi : 

  • Bogor Baru (Pasar)
  • Toko Kopi Ho Ho (Jl. Gatot Subroto)
  • Gang Ria (Pasar)
  • Kedai Kopi Hoki (Jelutung)


Mie Celor (Celor Noodle)

Mie Celor (celor noodle) is one of my favorite dish! It’s basically noddle served with coconut milk based soup. It’s said to be the specialty of Palembang (South Sumatra, Indonesia) but I found the one at Jambi and the one at Palembang a bit different. They use dried shrimp while cooking the soup, if I’m not mistaken. I prefer the one at Jambi, though. Perhaps because I grew up here, so it’s just perfect for my taste buds 😉

Mie Celor Jambi
Mie Celor

Where to eat Mie Celor in Jambi : 

  • Sari Rasa (Simpang Jelutung)
  • Jajanan SD Xaverius 1
  • Mie Celor Hawa Jaya (Jln Sultan Agung No. 56)

Sate Padang

I know.. I know.. Sate Padang must be from Padang. And you can easily find it in another city like Jakarta or Bandung. But it just happened that I know some places selling good sate padang in Jambi. So whenever I go home, I always make sure to have this dish.

Kuliner Jambi
Sate Padang

For those of you who have no idea what Sate Padang actually is, it’s basically beef satay (some vendor sells the chicken and lamb one as well), with this special yellow sauce made from spicy broth, garlic, curry powder, etc and rice flour. So it has this thick kind of texture.

I like to have mine with skin cracker (we call it Jangek)!

Where to eat Sate Padang in Jambi : 

  • Sate Padang Gunung Tigo (Simpang Empat Rajawali)
  • Sate Padang Mitra (Talang Banjar)


Again, this dish is from Palembang city. It’s like a fishcake, but much more thicker. And you eat it with this sweet and sour sauce called cuka (vinegar sauce). Can’t stop eating this!

Kuliner Jambi

Where to eat Pempek in Jambi : 

  • Pempek Asiong (Talang Banjar)
  • Pempek Terang Bulan (Talang Banjar)
  • Pempek Mega (Talang Banjar)

Mie Pangsit

Oh you don’t want to miss this when you’re in town. It’s noodle with pork (some use chicken) and soup. What makes the noodle in Jambi is much much better than the one at another city is, in my humble opinion, because of the sambal (chilli sauce)! Unlike the one at another city, the sambal in Jambi is very thick and has this red color. The one I usually find in Jakarta or Bandung is very watery.

Kuliner Jambi
Mie Pangsit

Where to eat Mie Pangsit in Jambi : 

  • Mie Akheng (Talang Banjar)
  • Mie Ting An (Pasar)
  • Gang Ria (Pasar)


Bakso (beef meat ball) with savory broth on a rainy day? YES PLEASE!

Kuliner Jambi

Where to eat Bakso in Jambi : 

  • Bakso Solo Pak Din (Dekat Simpang Jelutung)
  • Bakso Royal (Depan Lorong Kamboja)
  • Bakso H. Sukat


Oh this one is my dad’s favorite! It’s beef / lamb with milk-based soup. Best served with warm rice and crackers!

Kuliner Jambi

Where to eat Soto in Jambi : 

  • Soto & Sate Kambing Tigo Saudara

Mie / Kwetiaw / Bihun

Whenever I go home, I always make sure I don’t skip this one. Kwetiau and Mie in Jambi is totally different with the one I found at Jakarta. It’s much much more savoury. And thicker. And remember about the sambal? The thick red one? That’s one of the best part.

Kuliner Jambi
Lo Mie
Kuliner Jambi

Where to eat Mie / Kwetiaw / Bihun in Jambi : 

  • R.M Lestari
  • Mie Abu (Samping Daren)

Martabak Kari

Not my type of dish. But my mom like it very much. It’s like, what can I say.. uhm.. stuffed pancake? But the outer side is very crispy. And it has potato, meat, onion, garlic, etc inside. Served with curry sauce.

Martabak Kari Jambi
Martabak Kari Jambi

Where to eat Martabak Kari in Jambi :

  • Martabak Roxy (Makalam)
  • Martabak Mesir Muhajir (Talang Banjar)
  • Martabak Har (Kampung Manggis)


Now here comes the BOMB.

Nasi Gemuk Jambi

Nasi Gemuk Jambi
Nasi Gemuk

Nasi Gemuk is basically rice cooked in coconut milk. And then, it’s served with this special sauce on top, boiled egg, and sweet tender beef. What makes it different with another version of Nasi Gemuk (like Nasi Lemak from Malaysia) is that sweet and savoury sauce on top! Numero uno. 

Where to eat Nasi Gemuk in Jambi :

  • Gang Ria (Pasar)
  • Bogor Baru (Pasar)
  • Nasi Gemuk Seberang Saimen

Ah! There are still a lot of food to be featured! I really can’t wait to be home again! Till next time, my beloved Jambi!


email : lohh.sharon@gmail.com


19 Komentar

  1. adhyasahib berkata:

    kopi AAA nya di sajikan dengan cangkir kecil ya?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Haii. Iya hihi kecil dan tebal gitu cangkirnya

  2. It always looks so tasty but it’s just time for elevenses here! 😄👌

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hihihihi oops!! :p

  3. winnymarch berkata:

    di jakarta ada yg beginian gk ya sharon

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hai Winny. Ada sih beberapa tempat yg jual mknn jambi. Di Mangga Besar ada 1 tuh. Walau ga seenak yg di jambi tp lumayaaaan 😀

      1. winnymarch berkata:

        ke mangga besar ah

  4. bucathy berkata:

    Fantastic post! Love reading about the foods found all over Indonesia and how they are so different place to place! Is Nasi gemuk similar also to nasi uduk? I’ve just finished hosting 2 visitors from Sumatra and when my students asked them what their favourite food was, they answered sate padang!! Looking forward to trying that one day! Is sate padang always meat or can it be tahu/ikan too?

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hi, Bu Cathy! Thanks for reading again and again 😀
      Yes Nasi Gemuk is similar to Nasi Uduk. But the one in Jambi is served with gravy sauce on top. And yes, sate padang is one of my fav! :9 You should definitely try it. I’m not sure if there’s sate padang with tahu / ikan. The one I found is always either with chicken or beef.

  5. Atabelle berkata:

    Nasi gemuuuk ftw. Enak banget itu buat sarapan. 😀

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Aaaa setujuuuu! Uenak dan ngenyangin bangetttt ya tahan sampe jam 12 siang hihihi

  6. Niko Ep berkata:

    Aiiiyhh jadi kangen makanan Medan ~

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Hahaha aduh jadi pingin ke Medan! Penasaran sm makanan nya

      1. Juliani berkata:

        Hai.. Sharon.. nice to know you.. I love the details of your blog and also glad that you already found your passion on culinary and baking. We also are ‘medan lang’. We moved to Jambi since 19 months ago for my hubby is a banker. Jfi, your foods blog made me swallowing my saliva each time i stare at them. And I think It must be fun if we can catch up someday for coffee maybe 😊. Keep on shining Sharon. U know who u are 👍

  7. sabersorg berkata:

    nodlles cellor sems like a nodles tek-tek ( mie tek tek) , but more a toping, its must be great teast , mmmmmmmmm.

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      The noodle itself is pretty similar. But the broth, the flavor, the seasoning is totally different 😀

  8. erna susanti berkata:

    Good post Sharon!! Jadi kangen Jambi after 32 years live there…

    1. Sharon Loh berkata:

      Thank you for reading!!! 🙂 Ayo mudik hihi

  9. Stella berkata:

    Ce pinjem foto” nya ya buat dimasukin ke our project app ‘Hello Jambi’ 😀 Thanksss

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