Bali, Here We Are!

Ferry Ride to Bali


As you can guess from my post title, I’m currently living in Bali for the next 2 months.

Fred & I traveled by car from Jambi City, our hometown in Sumatra island, to Bali. Believe me, it was the most exciting yet tiring road trip I’ve ever experienced. And also the longest one! (Around 1500 miles). We crossed the sea twice by riding the ferry boat & we found some interesting cities along our way. I’ll write about it later. I promise!

Ferry Ride to Bali
Ferry Ride to Bali

Anyway, we didn’t come to Bali just for having a 2 months holiday. We are not that rich. In fact, we are here for doing a summer internship at one of the IT company in Bali. And since we are pretty busy with our work here, unfortunately, we haven’t had the chance to explore Bali any further. But never mind. I know weekend is coming. And there are still 7 more weekends to come.

So… stay tune and I’ll write some later! Happy summer holiday! 😀

P.S : I’m writing this just so you know that I’m still alive. I’m extremely happy here!!!


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  1. Internships are great opportunties to experience living in different locations for a while. I went to NYC for an internship and then took a job that kept me there for 5 years while I completed my masters degree. Subsequent opportunities arose that gave me incentive to move along for another decade before settling in the mountains of West Virginia (USA). Thanks for dropping by my story about hiking on Massanutten Mountain recently.

    1. Hey there, inline skater! 😉 Thanks for reading my posts. And I’m sooooo glad that you like my posts about Bali.

      Don’t worry. Your chance is about to come 😉

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