Warung Pasta

Meat Lover Spaghetti

Are you a pasta lover? Because if you do, here in Bandung, Indonesia, there’s one place which sell pasta with a reasonable price. Yes, it is Warung Pasta! It’s sooo popular among students because of its cheap price.

Warung Pasta Menu
Warung Pasta Menu

Spaghetti, penne, fusilli, fetucinne, pappardelle, linguenne. You name it. They’ll let you choose any kind of pasta for every single kind of pasta sauce you order.

Here, they got a breakfast menu package : 1 pasta/egg pizza/fritata/pancake + 1 drink for only IDR 15.000 (equivalent to 1.5 bucks).

Oh yes, I know… I know. This is pretty cheap for this kind of food, huh? But only if you came here between 7-10 am.

I ordererd Meat Lover Spaghetti and Hot Cappuccino for my breakfast.

How I loveee tomato sauce…

Meat Lover Spaghetti
Meat Lover Spaghetti

Here’s the detail of the breakfast menu package. You may wanna take a closer look at this :

  • Pasta       : Meat Lover / Snowy Chip / Lasagna
  • Egg Pizza  : Meat Lover / Tuna / Smoked Chicken
  • Fritata      : Smoked Beef / Smoked Chicken / Cheese
  • Pancake    : Strawberry / Chocolate / Meat Sauce / Carbonara / Tiramisu
  • Drinks      : Coffee (Black / Cappuccino) / (Hot/Ice) Lemon Tea / Orange Juice / Guava Juice / Blackcurrent Tea / Milo

But… If you don’t come for having your breakfast, you may wanna know that this place so sell refillable beverages such as :

  • Ice/Hot Lemon Tea (IDR 15.000)
  • Ice Blackcurrent Tea (IDR 15.000)
  • Ice/Hot Tea (IDR 15.000)
  • Ice Milo (IDR 17.000)

So if you wanna spend your time much longer than the time you need for finishing your food, you better order one.

They also sell baked pasta here.. Here’s one that I’ve tried. Not my favorite. But it’s a good try, though.

Baked Cheesy Pasta
Baked Cheesy Pasta

The service was nice, but not very professional since the dishes were served to us in disorder. They serve the main dish before serving the appetizer. And the drinks were late.

Price Range : IDR 12.000 – IDR 30.000

Location :

Jl. Ganesha No. 4 Lebak Gede Coblong Bandung Jawa Barat

Phone number : 022-2500416

Website : http://warungpasta.com/ (written in Indonesian)


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