Short Trip to Pangandaran

Pangandaran is definitely one of the most overrated yet easily reached tourist destination in Java Island, Indonesia. It’s once (and still) a fishing village which later grew bigger and bigger and became famous among local tourist who long for a sunny day at the seashore and fresh seafood in their stomach.

What’s unique about Pangandaran is that it’s located on a Peninsula, so you might find the beaches facing East and West at the same time. I mean, not literally the same beach facing East and West but you only need 5 minutes walk from the East part of the beach to the West – that’s pretty convenient (for me)! Lanjutkan membaca “Short Trip to Pangandaran”

Pantai Loji, Pelabuhan Ratu

Travelling to the Beaches in West Java, Indonesia

I’ve been living in a tropical country for my whole life and I don’t think I’ll move out to a country with a cold climate. Because you know what? What’s so great about living in a tropical island is that you don’t have to wait till summer to go to the beach! This is what I do to start a new year.

Fred and I decided to take a 3-days road trip to the beaches in the west side of Java island. Since we didn’t have any plans for our holiday, we just packed our stuffs and headed to the city of Anyer, Banten in West Java. Lanjutkan membaca “Travelling to the Beaches in West Java, Indonesia”

Cappuccino at Puncak Pass Restaurant

Highland Hideaway : Puncak, Indonesia

For those who are looking for a quick hideaway from the crowded city, Jakarta, perhaps Puncak (means Peak) is one of the choice you have.Β This place has a beautiful view of tea plantation, botanical gardens, some small theme park for kids, and local restaurants which is good enough for those who are starving. Well, people said,Β PuncakΒ is a little piece of paradise in West Java. It used to be actually. Not until people are beginning to throw trashes everywhere and brings too many member of their families every weekend so that Puncak is always wayyy too crowded every weekend. Lanjutkan membaca “Highland Hideaway : Puncak, Indonesia”