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Bali Sunset Moment x Daniel Wellington’s Classic Petite Ashfield

It’s my third week here in Bali and I’m loving it so far! We didn’t get to go to many places. Instead, we live our normal life: have coffee and biscuits for breakfast, do some works, have lunch, do some more works until it’s just around 5pm. We love the slow enjoyable life that Bali offers.

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Solo Traveling ke Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, dan Nusa Penida Tanpa Tour Agent

Sebelum aku cerita lebih lanjut, you guys should know that this is MY FIRST SOLO TRIP in life!!! Jadi sebenarnya aku dan Fred sudah berencana untuk explore Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan, dan Nusa Penida seminggu sebelum hari keberangkatan. Kami sudah memesan 2 malam hotel di Nusa Lembongan tapi ternyata H-3 tiba-tiba Fred ada keperluan untuk ke Jakarta. Dan… hotel yang sudah aku book tidak bisa di-refund ataupun di-reschedule.

Daripada sayang, yaudah akhirnya aku putuskan untuk pergi sendiri ke sana.

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#TravelTerus ke Bali (Tips Untuk Traveling Jangka Panjang)

Saatnya aku cerita sedikit tentang #HoneymonJilidTiga. Kalau kalian belum tahu, aku dan Fred menikah Februari 2017 kemarin. Setelah itu, kami honeymoon untuk merayakan pernikahan. Honeymoon pertama, kami road trip dari Jakarta, Bandung, dan lalu berakhir di Yogyakarta. Honeymoon kedua, kami road trip di Australia dari Darwin ke Sydney. Honeymoon ketiga, kami memutuskan untuk ke Bali. Masing-masing trip honeymoon itu aku lakukan kurang lebih satu bulan lamanya, termasuk yang ke Bali ini.

Loh kok bisa?

Baca terus yuk!

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Sharon Loh Ubud Bali

Ubud: My Favorite Things To Do!

Ubud. It’s one of my favorite area in Bali. It’s green, surrounded by beautiful rice paddies and lush jungles, it’s very noticeably different compared to the other part of Bali. There are no blue beaches here. Only green surroundings. I really love the natural vibe here in Ubud, it’s really charming in its own way. I didn’t get the chance to stay in Ubud for a long period of time. But if I’m given one, I’ll definitely start digging what Ubud has to offer.

This article is written based on my previous experience when exploring Ubud. If you have any other tips or any other cool places that you think I would love to visit next time, please please please share them in the comment box down below! I’d love to go somewhere new.

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Kuta Beach Bali

Mini Travel Guide : Bali, Indonesia


I know summer is coming to an end, real quick. People are starting to wear sweater and boots here. And although the sun still shines so bright in the morning,  the rain always seems to pour at noon.

And… before these precious memories of mine lost forgotten, I want to share a summary, I guess, of my favorite place, my favorite foods, and the activities I used to have last summer. This is just another informal mini travel guide about Bali which you can easily find in the internet. But mine is a lil bit personal. You know, I’m not a travel-expert. Not even closed to be one. I don’t get to explore every inches of Bali.  That’s obvious. I just happened to live there, enjoying the island the way I like.

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Jazz Market By The Sea

Jazz Market By The Sea, Bali

It was 17 August 2013, the Independence day of Indonesia, my beloved country. And it was also our last day staying in Bali since our summer holiday is ending really soon. I found this Jazz Market By The Sea thing from Twitter and decided to spend our day there.

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Bali Traditional Kite

Bali 35th Kite Festival 2013

In 26-28 July 2013, there was this so called Bali 35th International Kite Festival being held along the eastern coast of Padang Galak, just a lil bit north of Sanur. There were hundreds of competitors from all over the island. Most of them fly their pride traditional kites, while the international teams fly their unique-shaped kites – although I didn’t see any international teams that day, but some locals got their uniquely shaped kites as well.

I was lucky enough to be able to stay in Bali when the festival is being held. It’s like… I’ve been waiting for a long time for such a festival.

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Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

Last Saturday, Fred found this free postcard I gave him about 2 weeks ago. Turns out, it’s not a postcard even if it looks exactly like one. It’s just a sponsored card which has a route map to Deus Ex Machina in Bali. Since Fred thought it must be one of the coolest place (read: motorcycle workshop) we can found in Bali, we decided to take a step there. Lanjutkan membaca “Deus Ex Machina”