Sharon Loh Ubud Bali

Ubud: My Favorite Things To Do!

Ubud. It’s one of my favorite area in Bali. It’s green, surrounded by beautiful rice paddies and lush jungles, it’s very noticeably different compared to the other part of Bali. There are no blue beaches here. Only green surroundings. I really love the natural vibe here in Ubud, it’s really charming in its own way. I didn’t get the chance to stay in Ubud for a long period of time. But if I’m given one, I’ll definitely start digging what Ubud has to offer.

This article is written based on my previous experience when exploring Ubud. If you have any other tips or any other cool places that you think I would love to visit next time, please please please share them in the comment box down below! I’d love to go somewhere new.

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Staying at Sheraton Hotel, Bandung

It’s been two years since I left Bandung and I couldn’t be more than happy to be back! It was just a short 2 days vacation. And I had the pleasure to stay for 2 nights at Sheraton Bandung and experience all of their services including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even a spa. 

After all of those months of baking and decorating cake, I found staying here was like a gift, more like a treat, really. I don’t have to do the dishes, I don’t have to deal with my customers. All I did was just relax and enjoy myself. 

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Short Trip to Pangandaran

Pangandaran is definitely one of the most overrated yet easily reached tourist destination in Java Island, Indonesia. It’s once (and still) a fishing village which later grew bigger and bigger and became famous among local tourist who long for a sunny day at the seashore and fresh seafood in their stomach.

What’s unique about Pangandaran is that it’s located on a Peninsula, so you might find the beaches facing East and West at the same time. I mean, not literally the same beach facing East and West but you only need 5 minutes walk from the East part of the beach to the West – that’s pretty convenient (for me)! Continue reading “Short Trip to Pangandaran”

London to Jakarta Travel Tips

Tips for Travelling from London to Jakarta

When crossing continents it’s always important to research and plan ahead, as the long haul flight invites a slew of unforeseen hassles from airport parking spaces to immigration problems to even hotel accommodation. For example, for tourists travelling from a European metropolis like London to a Southeast Asian city such as Jakarta, the overall process from airport to airport can be complicated and taxing. Covering … Continue reading Tips for Travelling from London to Jakarta

Living in a Water World – Sungai Buluh, Riau, Indonesia

So I’ve just spent 2 days living in an isolated place called Sungai Buluh. And now I’m happy to be back again to the city.

I’ll tell you what – it was a mind blowing experience. Water World is REAL, as real as it could be. Except, there were no guns and fights, only expensive water.

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Ara Hotel Gading Serpong

[Hotel Review] Staycation at Ara Hotel Gading Serpong

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Ara Hotel Gading Serpong for a 2D1N stay together with the other bloggers (Yenny, Soya, Aline, and Icha). The event itself was called “Blogger Familiarization Trip at Ara Hotel Gading Serpong”.

It was my first time going to Gading Serpong and the pleasant stay made my first time in Gading Serpong memorable. It was a very nice escape from the busy over-populated Jakarta!

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Art 1 Museum Jakarta

Art:1 New Museum and Art Space

We just had a hard time deciding what to do on Sunday! It was just after breakfast (around 10 a.m, I guess) and going to a movie didn’t sound interesting to me. Besides, Fred just had his movie time with his cousins the night before. I thought spending sometime in a museum might be a good idea. And since I had no clue at all about what’s currently happening in the city, I checked out JKTGO.COM and found out about this museum, ART:1 New Museum & Art Space!

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