Kwetiau Ace Jambi

Kwetiau Hance / Atek, Jambi

There must be something really good about this place that I decided to blog about it. YES, it’s my favorite kwetiau ever (you know, that long thinly sliced rice cake). It’s one of those must-eat food when I’m back to my hometown, Jambi.

Finding the best kwetiau is a struggle. It’s like finding love. I’ve tried several places, both halal and non-halal. And obviously, the non-halal one has this thicker and more intense flavour. You just can’t beat the flavor of lard.

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Ice and Bean Jambi

Ice and Bean, Jambi

It was a hoooot hot day yesterday and Iย craved for something cool, something sweet and icy. I knew this place calledย Ice and Bean in Talang Banjar, Jambi. But never got a chance to visit it myself. I mean, I rarely crave for shaved ice, so… You won’t find me posting something dedicated to shaved ice that often.

Anyway, we later found that this place serve only food made from homemade ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colouring added. (Feeling relieved, huh?). You’ll find out more about it SOON! Keep reading ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Bake More Cakes โ€“ My New Online Cake Shop

QUICK UPDATE, everyone!

I knowโ€ฆ It’s been like 2 months since the last time I update something on my blog. And the reason behind all those is that I’ve been busy working my full time job (still) while managing my side job which happens to be my new business. Well it’s actually my second side job as I also work as a freelance photographer. (Can you imagine how I live my life?! It’s pretty frustrating, sometimes)

Soย anyway,ย 2 months ago, I decided to start selling cakes, cupcakes, and even some breads online. The business itself is still very small, like it will never be enough for a living, but it’s constantly growing, I can see it.

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Mie Celor Jambi

[ JAMBI ] My Favorite Foods!

It’s been 2 years since the last time I went back home to Jambi, my hometown. It was May 2013, if I recall. I kinda missed it, you know, being at home all day & do nothing. So last week, I made an unplanned trip to Jambi. It was very spontaneous, I swear! I just needed to renew my driving licence and I can’t do it elsewhere but in Jambi (yes it sucks), but at least I got a reason for this impromptu trip!

Going back home after years makes me feel good! Everything suddenly seems to beย more interesting that it normally was. I ate a lot ofย localย foods I can hardly find here in Jakarta or Bandung. And… I got to spend so much time with my parents. What could be even better, right?

And by the way, since I’m quite bored with my usual restaurant review posts, I decided to make a post about some of my favorite foods in Jambi, with a list of places of where you canย have that particular food. Isn’t is awesome?!

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