Soto Sawah Yogyakarta

Kuliner Jogja : Soto Sawah Bu Hj. Hadi. S

Waktu ke Jogja kemarin, aku awalnya kebingungan nyari tempat sarapan. Soalnya biasanya, aku dan Fred sebisa mungkin booking hotel tanpa breakfast. Selain karena lebih murah, kami juga jadi punya waktu untuk explore menu sarapan lokal di kota itu.

Ternyata… kata temenku si Aggy, salah satu menu sarapan umum di Jogja itu adalah soto! Aku dan Fred biasanya nggak bisa makan nasi untuk sarapan. Tapi yah, coba aja deh.

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winc space gading serpong tangerang

WINC Space – Cafe & CoWorking Space di Gading Serpong + Nana Cake Boutique Class

Sejak persiapan nikah sampe akhirnya aku dan Fred ngadain resepsi pernikahan bulan Maret lalu, aku merasa super unproductive. Mulai dari bad mood sampe akhirnya nggak bisa ngapa-ngapain karena emang nggak mood aja. I don’t know why, but wedding planning takes so much energy out of me. Ada yang merasakan hal yang sama? Hehe. Tapi yasudahlah, semuanya udah lewat. Sekarang hidup sudah kembali tenang.

Karena persiapan nikah itu lah, aku off beberapa bulan nggak terima pesanan di Bake More Cakes, karena aku merasa capek ngurusin pernikahan yang nggak kelar-kelar. Dan nggak bisa ditambah dengan capeknya bikin kue. It would have killed me, seriously. Dan setelah selesai resepsi pun, aku pingin bisa nyantai dulu honeymoon yang lama. Makanya aku belum terima orderan dulu.

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Hilton Bandung (Staycation + Buffet Dinner)

It’s been 3 years since I had my first staycation at Hilton Bandung together with my #BandungFoodies friends. I remembered how excited I was when we all gathered in the lobby before the staycation begins LOL. This year, I had another staycation with Fred, who’s now my husband.

So here’s the story.

It was late at night, around 10 pm, when we arrived in Bandung. We were quite tired due to the crazy traffic in Jakarta and Bekasi area, and we haven’t had any dinner before. We went searching for some good food around Hilton area and thought fried rice would be just great. 

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Murni's Warung Ubud

Murni’s Warung, Ubud, Bali

My idea of relaxing, is to sit in a nice restaurant or a cafe, sipping coffee, eating good food, enjoying what is has to offer. Lucky me, I got a friend to travel around Bali without having to argue about where to eat next, what time to leave, or which way to go. Because you know, Mei and I seemed to have the same taste & pace of travelling. It’s nice!
Mei is not the kind of person who’d like to see all things at once. Instead, she took it slow. So we would pick an area to explore in one day and see how it goes later. We really didn’t have much plan.

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Local Edition, Manila Coffee Shop


Finding a nice coffee shop that suits you is a struggle, especially if you’re new in town, like me. Early on my second day in Metro Manila, Philippines, I had to find somewhere to work from. Often times, we found those nice comfy coffee shops with great coffee and food but then later we found that it doesn’t provide WIFI (why?!?!). That’s sad. Then we have to find another one – and it’s a hard job, especially if you know nothing about the city and if transportation is your main problem, like here in Metro Manila.

For us, a place to work from doesn’t necessarily have to be a coffee shop, but still we prefer one. It just need to have a pretty fast and stable wifi, a comfortable seat, and a comfortable ambiance. That’s all really. Oh, plus good food.

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Kwetiau Ace Jambi

Kwetiau Hance / Atek, Jambi

There must be something really good about this place that I decided to blog about it. YES, it’s my favorite kwetiau ever (you know, that long thinly sliced rice cake). It’s one of those must-eat food when I’m back to my hometown, Jambi.

Finding the best kwetiau is a struggle. It’s like finding love. I’ve tried several places, both halal and non-halal. And obviously, the non-halal one has this thicker and more intense flavour. You just can’t beat the flavor of lard.

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