Strawberry Smoothies

Strawberry Smoothies

Strawberry Smoothies
Strawberry Smoothies

In light of the fact that it was ‘strawberry season’ here in Bandung, Indonesia, my sister and I decided to buy some without even thinking what we could do with these strawberries.

Well, fortunately, the same idea popped up in our minds. Making strawberry smoothies sounds great (and easy). Seriously, they’re extremely easy to make and somewhat healthy too.

So here we are playing with my blender once again..

The most important ingredient you should have is of course… the strawberry. You kiddin’ me?


Hey, look at their color! Aren’t they just sooo adorable? Except the white one back there. Forgive it, please. it’s not ‘mature’ enough to be blended into a smoothies, but I somehow let it blended this time.

Did I just say mature?

Okay! Here’s what you need, basically.

Ingredients : 

12 strawberries (for 2 glass of smoothies)

1 cup of skim milk

1 cup of plain yogurt (or strawberry yogurt).

2 tablespoon of white sugar

1/2 cup ice cubes

And what you need to do next is just simply add all of the ingredients to the blender, except the ice cubes. Then blend ’em for a while – just enough to make it to a liquid form. Now that you’ve got your strawberry ‘juice’, you may wanna add the ice cubes and crush them in the blender longer than the first one to make it more “smoothie”.

Strawberry Smoothies
Strawberry Smoothies

Guess what? You’re done 😀 You don’t need more than 10 minutes to have a healthy breakfast. You can also add another fruits, like banana or blueberries, if you prefer. I can’t believe I wrote this recipe.

What are you looking at? Go find some strawberry!


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