Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Ice Cream

What could be a better snack for a hooot sunny day than an ice cream? I don’t know~ Maybe mochi ice cream is the answer.

So, it was summer. It was hot. I was sooo tired and thirsty and I need something to chill me down.

I was having my summer holiday in Pattaya, Thailand. And this time, I visit Pattaya Floating Market. You should see how unique the market is. They sell things in a hugeee floating boat. And we can take walk on that floating boat. Interesting, isn’t it? 🙂

When I was taking a walk, I accidentally saw this snack (which I never saw before). It was put in a freezer and wrapped in a plastic bowl. And when you ordered one, the lady will serve it with a bamboo stick.

Isn’t it… cute?

Mochi Ice Cream
Mochi Ice Cream

Just so you know, mochi is a traditional Japanese sticky rice cake which is usually molded into a small ball. I can’t describe how mochi taste like.

While mochi ice cream is a mochi with an ice cream filling… The best mochi filling ever…

Mochi Ice Cream Stand
Mochi Ice Cream Stand

They sell 10 kinds of ice cream filling. I chose the chocolate one, since I’m a biiiig fans of chocolate.

Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream
Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream

I forgot the exact price, but it’s around 10 Baht or so. Pretty expensive for a small piece of ice cream. But it worth a try 😀

Now I wish I could make one at home. They don’t sell it here in Indonesia..

Location :

Pattaya Floating Market, ตลาดน้ำ 4 ภาค พัทยา Bang Lamung, Chon Buri, Thailand.


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