Pancake Egg Banana Menu Board

Egg Banana Pancake

I bet everyone knows that pancake is made from flour and egg. Plus milk. Oh and baking powder, too. And a pinch of sugar / salt.

Hmm, I guess that’s not what I was intended to focus on this time. Okay, back to the topic.

So why bother writing Egg Banana Pancake, not just Pancake itself? Well, I don’t know…. It just came up to be written in the menu board, which is written in English and Russian.

I found this interesting yet fatty snack in Pattaya, Thailand, when I was having my short summer holiday in 2011.

Pancake Egg Banana Menu Board
Pancake Egg Banana Menu Board

Okay, it’s Pancake Egg Banana. Not Egg Banana Pancake. My bad.

The original pancake is sold for 25 Baht, but if you wanna add another flavor like chocolate, strawberry, or blueberry, you’ve got a pay an extra 5 Baht. Not a big deal…

The Frying Pan
The Frying Pan

See the pancake batter? It’s combined with a looot of banana slice, so it taste so banana-ish and sweet.

I’ve never found this kind of pancake in Indonesia. So I decided to buy two : chocolate and strawberry pancake. Not to mention that I also buy the original pancake the night before.

It tastes sooo good, I can’t stop chewing…

Chocolate Banana Pancake
Chocolate Banana Pancake

And here’s another one….

Strawberry Banana Pancake
Strawberry Banana Pancake

Price :

Original Pancake       25 Baht

Strawberry Pancake  30 Baht

Blueberry Pancake    30 Baht

Chocolate Pancake    30 Baht


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