Oreo Shake

Oreo Shake

I loveee milkshakes and ice cream and I’ve been somewhat addicted to them lately.
So here comes another variety of milkshake. I call it Oreo Shake!

This is all you need…

Ingredients of Oreo Shake
Ingredients of Oreo Shake

And here is the composition I used :

3 cups of ice cream

1 cups of skimmed milk

3 oreo

a tinyyy little bit of sweet milk

Ice Cream
Ice Cream

And then blend them all, until it’s smooth enough but still creamy that you feel like you wanna lick it.

Oh yeah baby…

Oreo Shake
Oreo Shake

Crush 2 Oreo and add ’em for the milkshake topping and it’s done.

Oreo Shake
Oreo Shake

Isn’t this just too easy? It’s greattt for hot summer day & also for halloween threat! Weehee~ Β Go grab your blender.


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